luni, 14 mai 2018


Hello, hello. I'm ok, well at least until now. :)
I'll be moving in two months time max.

In case you've missed my long, very detailed texts, here's another one:

In other news, I've been to two marathons in two months and accepted to be photographed and regret it later. At least in the last marathon I was at least 50% of the course in pain so of course that's how I appeared in the photos too. I wasn't that prepared before so yeah, it happens. :)) I wasn't even with the international professional athletes in the real competition because I'm not that crazy to run 21km without any preparation before with those very muscular, well-trained people, it's dangerous too, not knowing how much your body can take or should I say your legs(so don't do it without training months before) so I took the easiest course they had for the common people and thought it's gonna be just 3 km as they said when I subscribed so I was all ok as I knew in the color run tour I didn't have any problems and it was 5 km. But haha, jokes on me, it wasn't just that because as I was running it seemed like forever many turns much more than in the color run, after some time I didn't even know where exactly am I in Bucharest, maybe because I was getting a little dizzy as it wasn't in the morning, it was the last course of the whole marathon at 13pm and the sun was burning, very hot, and so I stopped of course many times and I checked my phone and surprise! An hour has passed and 10 km(I have that app we all have on samsung phone to keep track) and still no sight of the finish line and one last turn and I was like woah, what's this??? I'm really gonna do it without even wanting to do it in the first place. The funny thing is that I didn't even realised that I was in the first 300 people from aprox 1000 or even more, I never know the statistics of anything.
 However, you don't really realise when you're running because after some time you just want it to end as quickly as possible and crash on the comfy little chairs they had there. :)) Until you get to the finish line and my god that feeling is amazing, that's why I love marathons, because you see that it's all gonna end very soon, you see the blue carpet at the finish line and all of a sudden nothing matters and you get superpowers out of nowhere and run like it's the end of the world because hey, that's the finish line, amazing feeling.
The big problem was the sun, very annoying for me and my head, the sun in summer or near summer usually makes me dizzy all the time, especially if I'm doing some kind of effort too.
 By the way, in the athletes course I think Kenya won if I remember it well. We all know black people run the best, no offense to the rest, maybe because the sun is not a problem for them. :)
 I don't know if I'll do it any time soon, I haven't suffered like this in a long time(ok, maybe it was one time of extreme tiredness that's the worst feeling ever for sure, worse than the dentist but that's how you usually are if you're also working full time and not only a shift but two), however, these days I'm like a crippled person on the stairs, back and arms too and I experienced muscle soreness many, many times before but not as bad as this one. I should have gone to that tent where you get a massage but as everybody I don't like big queues. However, I also felt like after a long day at the seaside when you stayed too much in the sun so very low energy. So, yeah, maybe it was a little too much for me but however I did it so it doesn't matter anymore, yay.
Thank you for the encouragements and the support, I got it even from strangers and people who watched the tour as I was running. It really makes a difference and motivates you even more. *thumbs up*

See you at East European Comic Con next weekend. It's another event I wanted to go since I was a child beside other things I'll soon achieve too. :) I think I'll forever be a dreamer so if my lifestyle or my crazy ideas and wishes scares you or seem unexpainable, weird or stupid to you because of course many are out of the ordinary, better keep distance and don't bore me with your small world because I'll be myself more than ever so I'll be happy and I also don't have time to explain myself no more. It's not necessary either way, life's too short to explain yourself. It's not called being wild as much as you can as long as you can because I've heard this so called motto from someone older and also wiser(many are just older and that's it), is called being yourself 100% whatever that implies and means to you not to others.


miercuri, 11 aprilie 2018

Let's debate

So yeah, yesterday was the hearing of Zucc. Poor Zucc, he likes to play with fire. But I don't get it why are we so surprised by this, it's the Internet people, the big Internet all free for you at your disposal and you're not even paying for it: Fb, Instagram and everything else also all free. What would you expect? The Internet was from the beginning since it appeared a place where everything you choose to share, post, disclosure to be available for everyone on Earth, so? Where's the surprise? Remember that it is for free.  And yes even the messages on Whatsapp, still the Internet, it was like this since the beginning since they appeared it's just that before we weren't so dependent by them, it wasn't that big of a deal, not that important we used to talk more face to face so no problems, now we have jobs because of it, now we're depend on them like a smoker who can't give up smoking so it all has become very, very personal and intimate, professional too, companies use it too, litterally everyone and for everything starting from professional to personal matters and of course a lot of very important personal information on it too, we're using it so much, more than we talk but remember that it's still an app, it's still the internet, you're not face to face so of course it's not safe to share absolutely everything you know on it especially if you're an important person. Not to say about how now all the organisations and almost any company uses Fb and dunno who else but I'm sure everybody as it is such a big part of our lives. It was like this with the telephones too, you say something important on the telephone? Well, it could be recorded, someone invented that too.

It's even more hypocrite to be upset about it, we Romanians who aren't even that important for USA to be that upset, so oh my god: My personal data is kept by Zuckerberg a high power or the secret services from Washington oh my, I don't want this. First of all, you're not that important so you're safe, don't worry. You're not that important of a person for Zucc to even need your personal data, not saying to use it. What would they do with your pics of kittens, your discussion with your grandma or your nudes you sent on Whatsapp the people from Washington? :))

It's like you've been living all your life in a cute bubble of joy and now someone has burst your bubble and suddenly the Internet is not safe. Well, good morning to you too. It wasn't safe from the very beginning, since it first appeared, since the first computer appeared and so on. Next is the AI and the robots to take over the world. Good morning again. 

Now go back to sleep 'cause you're definitely safe. Many of us are not that important even if data was leaked everywhere.


luni, 9 aprilie 2018


I have tickets for the concert to this band 'Subcarpati" next weekend at Arenele Romane. I recommend it, the tickets are really cheap only 40 lei compared to other big concerts in Bucharest or to the usual big concerts in Bucharest. At Vama the cheapest ticket one where you weren't sitting of course, so standing cost like 80 lei. Don't know what was on my mind then, I was crazy to pay that much for just a concert, be it a premiere for the new album, whatever doesn't matter. It was amazing yes, really a great show all in English as it was more international, the album I mean and we were right in front after the VIP of course :)) and lasted for like 3 hours and a half and my feet hurt a lot, standing there for like 4 hours 'cause of course you have to be early to catch a good spot. :)) Crazy, definetely won't do it again. But this one is cheap and the band is great too. At Dance Masters Competition I stayed at VIP so I can say that is really worth it that VIP section we all criticise is really worth it, but I had the tickets from work so kind of lucky, didn't pay for them. :))

And because in the above videoclip you can see pictures from people when they were little kids I had to post one too of myself just to keep the trend.
Really big ears. They remained the same size since then. :))

All the Romanians are proud of this band, is like the new anthem in Bucharest because many come back home from different foreign countries and different continents(we really are everywhere on earth :) on holidays, well not really on Easter because it's different days but for Christmas or in August they definitely come and Subcarpati is like a plaster you put on a wound except their wounds are in their hearts and souls so that's what Subcarpati is for, a plaster for their heavy, tormented hearts. :) I don't why we judge them, we're no better than them for staying. It's about choice no matter what form it takes and becomes of it in the future. Spread only love and peace and kindness no matter what, anything else is not worth it.

Now post your pics of when you were little kids in the comments below, it's always fun. :))


Some general wisdom to keep my mind awake and to feel alive for a little

This is Saharan rock music. Tuaregs. Their name is the plural of 'empty land'/'desert' in Tamashek.
If you're asking me how I know these things, well, partly because I spend all day in bed watching a lot of Discovery and Nat Geo because what can you do in the first day of Easter other than being a lazy couch potato all day. I need this once in a while and this one actually is not from Discovery or Nat Geo, is mostly thanks to some friend's post on facebook, one who travels and still is travelling more than any human being I know, haha, a strange one but quite unique and very different from what I've seen before and extravagant(he called me conservative so he's extravagant :)), well at least for a working class girl like me it is, for one who hasn't seen not even a 'lil glimpse of the real world or should I say of how some live and think but enough open-minded to understand some things or so I hope. :) Even maybe way too religious for me as a person but I always underestimated religious people and of course I'm not talking about our religion, our is way too primitive and stupid, nothing wise in it, mostly fiction and scary stories, I'm talking about religion in general, some religious people are very wise. Well ok, not that primite and stupid like the one where women are beaten and men are kings but still you get it.

It may sound strange at first but what amazed me most were the lyrics, someone posted the english translation of the lyrics in the comments section and oh, they hit hard. Here are the lyrics to the song below:

'I heard you are educated open-minded,
We have not seen your benefits,
Our history is known to all
And you tell me you live normally,
An organized quiet life.
Since your birth you run in vain,
Surrounded by enemies.
The easy life always escapes you.
Unless you make some effort to engage yourself,
To reach the truth that belongs to you.'

Then the one who commented this said: 'It's a message to the educated Tuareg people who are doing nothing to improve the situation of their people.'

It's exactly what we're doing, nothing, well most of us not all, yes, I include myself as much as I try not to. We are so damn educated but we can't think on our own for just a second, we are so educated, read so much, university, master, we definetely are educated but we don't like different. We can't think for ourselves rationally, freely and escape ourselves from misery, we don't know that in any situation you may be in, there is a solution. We don't know that we are free no matter what, we are actually really scared of it so it's better and comfy to just continue the pattern of life like the other sheep because at least now we're not the same poor as we were 5-10 years ago so it has to be the right way. We're actually very depressive human beings. Depression is something not to joke with. This is actually something you can find everywhere but not that stuck as we are. How can you call yourself an educated person when you don't like the new, when you're so stuck? Bleah, even the plumber is smarter and more open minded than some university academics I know.
What working in a corporate, competitive, capitalist world thought me is how much of the consummerists are we, you see this especially if you're also in the retail industry, you kind of have time to see it all, all the bad, very little to almost zero good remains. :) And how easy it is to fool someone into buying something, quite anything even when they're broke as hell but a romanian will never admit that he/she is broke, we like to play it cool why wouldn't we but we're also very weak and show our weak spots immediately especially when you show personal interest and understanding for their boring life and persona. If he/she is rich you can see it from miles away because romanians also love to show it off just because they're not used to it, or dunno maybe they think is worth showing they're different from the rest of the crowd but not only that, they act and speak different so even more easier to spot. Some are like the Congo Dandies or La Sape, they think clothes, appearance and attitude are everything in life, they're quite funny how they take everything so seriously like it's a matter of life and death :)) search on youtube Congo Dandies and you'll see what I'm talking about. Of course it happened to me, all that I'm blabbing about in this blog is from personal experience, very funny because I actually smiled and looked at them in a certain way I couldn't help myself and they suddenly became defensive and felt insulted even more reason for me to laugh my ass off behind my office desk. Call me a brat, I don't care, you would probably do the same. :))

Getting back to the the song, this also reminded me how wrong we are in so many aspects, that when I talked with Agnes, my friend from Nuremberg, Germany I used to stay a lot with her in Belgium during my Erasmus+ scholarship and I tried to explain to her our orthodox customs as I know she's a fervent reader, a real passionate literature and history person of all cultures especially the english one not only of her native country. Whatever, I explained to her how we "drown" our babies when they're baptised, how we're kissing some paintings with some figures, how we have saints because we're too hopeless, etc. She couldn't believe how stupid and naive are we as a society and I laughed with her of course, she couldn't believe that we were even Christians in the first place, she thought it's more appropiate to a cult of some kind one who's quite cruel, masochistic and I haven't even started talking about all that story with the red eggs from Easter and why they are red, from the blood of jesus christ bla, bla, ugh, we're quite satanic to be honest. :))
I know she wants to be a writer someday, I had to give her some material, some real romanian material, haha. 

I'll end it here because my sleep is so, so unorganized again and probably give it an edit later.


vineri, 6 aprilie 2018


I missed this. We listened to this a lot during Uni years, actually the last year I think if I remember it well because it's not that old.

This is just too reggae not to post it

And this one I don't miss it 'cause I just discovered it on soundcloud, I love that app, I use it for some years especially when I'm on the road so a lot of sitting and waiting.
This one I listened to all of it 1 hour and 17 minutes on the train today when I had a bad migraine/headache whatever which usually won't go away that easily and it relaxed me and my mind miraculously. By the end of it I was all bright and new, well not that new, tomorrow after this night I'll be brand new, however, it helped big time.

duminică, 1 aprilie 2018


Long live Final Fantasy, long live this immortal song, long live Dj Tiesto

Not really a big fan of Lana del Rey but I like most of her songs, not really a fan of any artist, they're just too many to like only one

Aaaand I'm really glad she's back. Watching this gal from way back, will always admire her unique style.

And this one if you want to read/see some things about her too

Lots of love,

duminică, 25 martie 2018

Japan and world problems

I don't watch anime or read manga anymore like I used to in my teenage years(a big part of them years to be honest) not only because I don't have time but just because they don't appeal to me anymore, maybe there's just too much fantasy in it or dunno but some of them remained my fav even now and they still make sense to me even now so I like to watch some scenes now and then just to remember how awesome they are and how some are really for all the ages and backgrounds not only for kids. This one is if you like Japan and its rich culture this anime is perfect for the Japan's history lovers and not only. Cowboy Bebop is also a good choice but not for the same reasons. I know that now they're a lot of new ones which are also pretty awesome but I'll still prefer the older ones just because they are more simple and the graphics don't scare me, phaha. Yuri on ice is one of the popular ones these days.

However, it's a strong culture and they'll always have fans and groups and people to appreciate this style of animation many more years to come. It's just they will be different of course from the characters to the story and how they're made as the new generation is different and the future one too and so on.

Talking about the new generation like I'm that old(no, I'm not) I like them. I think they are definitely more bold than we were, they do some things we couldn't even imagine doing them not until we finish that boring school we were so caught up in it. Children now they're fearless, they think, they don't do it just because they have to do it or just because it's how the others did before them or just because the society or the state does it. They watch a lot of YouTube and other cultures, they see how others are living(vlogging) so it triggers something in them of course, from then on they'll always seek something different in whichever form and basically they do exactly what they want to do with no fear of anything or the future. It is also what we do now or at least trying but in our last year of uni or after 20 something age so we realised it much later in life not when we were 14 or dunno or maybe I'm wrong maybe it's just me, haha. So the proper word is, they are more and more faster and rushing in everything sooner. Maybe this is exactly what our parents thought about us too when we were that age but we had the computer and the internet so it changed some things for us too. We were thinking that we are so ahead of others, the older ones of course and then we grew up just to realise how far behind we are from the ones who came after us. :) What was shocking for me and it still is, it's how far behind we are from the world itself, not talking about Europe, talking about the Globe, way too far behind, of course in everything especially in thinking. Maybe it sounds very captain obvious but my biggest fear in life is probably to remain behind in everything from the thinking to acting and dunno everything or that I'm losing a lot of time something I'm already doing, ugh. I'm not talking about doing what is expected to be done at that age and that age, you get my point just  trying to remain new or modern. Usually it's reachable if you're living decent and not struggling most of the time.

This also reminded me what is the biggest problem in Romania. It's that it doesn't respect the people who work but aren't successful. They're two types of people, the ones who are working hard and are successful and the ones who are working hard but still they're not successful. It's not their fault, it's just that they aren't successful, it's not any reason behind it, it's just how it is, life dunno, really doesn't matter the reason now. Not saying about the others who aren't working or who're just rich by birth, those are just too few to mention. So we have the people who're working hard and having a lot of money so of course they're living more than decent and the ones who're also working hard but are still very poor and they'll be poor all their lives no matter how hard they'll work so they don't live a decent live as they should for the amount of work they're doing. They don't wish for extravagant things or to do dunno amazing things in life(because if they did yes I agree you have to work ten times harder, that's a choice but not in Ro, Ro is not ready to accept your extravagantes ideas and won't be not even in 20-30 years, we're just too slow for that),but they don't, they just want average things and a decent life. What are we doing with those people in Ro? Nothing. A middle class doesn't exist, only the lower, poor one we're all in it or the rich one, bourgeoisie one(too few to matter, I can't talk about aristocracy because I don't think we still have them in Ro, they left a long time ago if they even were in the first place), no middle, no average, no in between. We have a lot of average and working class but no decent life for them, still very low and poor exactly the same with the ones who just don't work at all so the same as the lazy ones. I think this is the main reason they leave as you become poorer and poorer as you work harder and harder and of course not only because of that, many more things. My God, I wrote again a lot so see this is how I can talk for hours because one word or thing reminds me of another or just because I have too much to say but nobody to listen to it so blogging will always be a good alternative just until your voice will be heard by those who must hear it or by those who matter. But now it's just too much to read so nobody will read, haha.

However, I've been watching instead some TV Series just because the weather was awful these days and you can't do much outside. So I recommend:
The Handmaid's Tale
The Vikings
The Crown
SEAL Team(probably the only TV series which really made me love the characters in it and how amazing it is to work in a team, a good one ofc)
And a movie you sure know about it already:
The Red Sparrow 
 Everybody commenting they should have chosen a slavic woman to play the role of a real Russian spy but I think Jennifer was pretty good in it but in my opinion Russian language instead of English would have been a much better choice for this type of movie in order for it to be more authentic. As she lost a lot of weight to be a ballerina and to learn the difficult dance they could have also taught her Russian language, not that big of a deal.

Stay safe,