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I'm stealing music, I'm such a thief, but I can't help it. :-P
I truly, madly, deeply love Bjork

And unrelated, but still, that's why ladies and gentleman, may I present you the Jazz Noir genre, very unfamiliar with me before

Happy New Year! 

The jacket

Nope, I'm not a materialistic person, not at all. But I was advised, the first thing I buy with my own money to be something I really wanted for a long time and something I'll really like no matter how much it costs. So this is what I did. :)) I bought something that I'll remember forever. And this thing is an authentic leather motor jacket. How I've found it? Better not ask because it was hard but it's so worth it. :D I already know I'll wear this jacket until it will look terrible or until it won't fit me anymore but I'll keep fit just to be able to wear this jacket forever, haha. And that's why these days even though it was freezing outside I had to wear my motor leather jacket because hey I can't wait 'till spring, that's how much I love it. When my dad saw it he laughed and said that I am exactly like him, when he was 22, but he also wore leather pants, had longer hair than mine and had a Motorbike back then.

It looks great because it's a short waisted jacket and I look great on short waisted things in general.:-P
I'll change my eyeglasses soon, after 6 or I think 7 years(I don't even remember anymore) I finally change my eyeglasses. It will be very hard because I'm very, very picky but at least my look will be completely changed because different eyeglasses bring a different look and not only the hair colour like for many other women. I love my hair colour that much that I don't want to dye it as it's still the same natural golden blond I very much like. Otherwise, I don't spend that much on stuff anymore like I try not to spend on anything at all and I can do it easily to be honest and I'm amazed by this, knowing myself and how I was a couple of months back when I had money. Now I also have it but I don't want to spend it :)) because I want to have enough for something else: SOON. :D

It looks somehow like this but with some different stripes on the sleeves and a couple more different details than the ones you see below, very hard to explain, and the colour is a beautiful dark grey one, not black.

I like this video a lot and the model and her attitude and her everything, don't care about the lyrics


miercuri, 28 decembrie 2016

For good people (Edited)

Zilele astea am tot filosofat asa la viata mea si la ce am vazut si trait de parca eram cine stie ce trecuta prin viata., asa ca de final de an. :)) Nu pot spune ca am intalnit foarte multi oameni dar am stat tot timpul cu cei mai mari si am avut tot timpul multe de invatat de la ei. Sa fii tot timpul cel mai mic din grup inclusiv in familie care e una destul de numeroasa :D aduce tot timpul avantaje, pe langa rasfat pe care recunosc l-am primit din plin, aduce poate si o doza de pragmatism si o maturitate ceva mai precoce in anumite aspecte. Ma simt o norocoasa din punctul asta de vedere pentru simplul fapt ca am avut ocazia sa traiesc in multe conditii si sub multe forme si sa intalnesc oameni din absolut toate categoriile sociale si de toate felurile. Si bineinteles sa vad probleme de toate felurile si sub toate formele. Sa fiu sus si apoi sa cad, sa ma ridic iar si tot asa. Sa ma lupt cu lucruri care chiar nu tineau de mine in vreun fel. Si mai ales sunt mandra ca totul, dar efectiv tot ce am vrut am facut singura si m-am descurcat singura in orice situatie dintotdeauna, de foarte mica, parintii nu mi-au zis niciodata ce sa fac pentru ca oricum nu ii ascultam ca eram incapatanata, haha si oricum nu prea vorbeam cu ei, mai deloc din pacate. Viata mi-a oferit de toate si sunt sigura ca mai are foarte multe de oferit. Bine nu chiar de toate, de toate dar sincer nu sunt deloc departe. Nu ma consider inca foarte maleabila dar sunt mandra intr-un fel de mine ca pot discuta absolut orice subiect, topic cu orice fel de persoana si pot intelege cam orice fel de persoana oricat de dificila, complexa sau misterioasa ar fi. It comes with time and years and experience but still it comes. :) Pe mine, pe de alta parte, nu stiu cati ar reusi sa ma inteleaga pe deplin. :)

De aproape 3 ani pot spune ca nu mai sunt cea mai mica din familie si ca locul mi-a fost luat de Aaron, nepotelul meu din Belgia care creste, creste, creste. Nu stiu cum sa ma simt ca ajung si eu la randul meu sa invat pe altii ce am invatat si eu singurica de la altii, poate si din cauza job-ului luand in considerare faptul ca eu am fost tot timpul cea care avea de invatat de la cei mai mari, eram studentul si nu profesorul. Acum ma simt ciudat ca se cam inverseaza rolurile si totodata simt si o oarecare responsabilitate pe care inainte nu o aveam deloc fata de altii mai tineri, mai mici, mai naivi(eu fiind cea mai mica dintre toti) ca isi pun toata atentia si timpul lor in mainile mele mici si ma asculta asa cu admiratie de parca as avea chiar asa de multe de zis, de parca as fi mult mai in varsta decat sunt. Si e o responsabilitate cu care nu te poti juca si care uneori ma cam sperie, recunosc.

Cateodata mai revin la oamenii mari de la care am invatat si citit lucruri inca din adolescenta cand eram in formare de caracter si de multe doar ca sa ma simt si eu din nou cea mai mica si anume la acest blog si la aceste povesti din sacul povestilor care trebuiesc spuse: Calatoria lui Haiawatha. Un om pe care il respect maxim. Sunt oameni care se schimba, sunt oameni care raman la fel, sunt oameni care vin si pleaca, sunt oameni care raman, sunt oameni de la care ai invatat sa traiesti frumos si sunt oameni pe care stii ca ii vei regasi tot timpul cand poate te astepti cel mai putin. Si sunt si oameni cum era si inca este profesorul meu de italiana de la UCL din Belgia care tot timpul voia sa stie lucruri despre Romania si despre romani ca a fost si el si a predat in Constanta si daca sunt bine si fericita si daca ma tin de scoala calumea. :)) La momentul respectiv ma enerva maxim ca era insistent si ma asculta la fiecare curs dar mi-a prins bine sa stiu si italiana. Chiar si de cativa profesori de la cursurile online pe care le faceam pe Future Learn imi amintesc ca aveai ce discuta cu ei. Si bineinteles sunt si oameni care nu sunt la fel de puternici ca si mine si care obisnuiti cu un stil de viata, se sperie si te parasesc cand vad ca ai dat de greu pentru putin timp, pentru ca au stat doar cat ti-a fost bine si atat. :) Imi place sa cred ca viata in mare parte e despre asta cu toate ca s-ar putea sa ma insel amarnic. We will live and we will see.

Inca gresesc mult, inca ma sperie viata de adult dar sunt fericita ca inca imi doresc la fel de mult si cu acelas entuziasm sa imi indeplinesc visul, acelas vis pe care il aveam si la 17 ani si la care nu am renuntat niciodata. Si bineinteles o sa fac totul iar singurica pentru ca asa e cel mai bine si pentru ca asa imi place mie cel mai mult. :)

Si piesa mea favorita dintotdeauna pentru postul asta in care mi-am cam pus sufletul pe tava asa public pe internet e asta:

For the future I wish you all to be happy!

'Cause we were raised to see life as fun and take it if we can

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Merry Christmas! :-P

I have books and Murakami to read this Christmas, I have Nodame Cantabile Paris and Finale, I have good music on Spotify aaaand I can sleep 'till 1 pm if I want to. :-p I just hope the priest won't come because I hate it when it does each year, I always look very suspicious to priests, maybe because I'm forever doomed or something, haha. Anyway I am in my pyjamas and my bathrobe, messy hair and a sore throat and weird voice again because of a little cold I've catched last week and I look like after a hangover :))) even though I slept enough, like many, many hours. I just finished the Xmas tree at home and I can't wait to make myself a biiig mug of hot tea and just sit like a potato and watch Whiplash(check the trailer), my forever Christmas movie. It will be followed by La La Land(check the trailer) at the cinema, I know it has a strange name, but great actors like Emma Stone, you all like Emma Stone so just admit it and the other one, I forgot his name, for women. :D And Bad Santa 2(I loved the first one) I'll also want to see it these two weeks.

And to listen to this: 

Furthermore, I've discovered this awesome artist who takes awesome pictures and because it is the season, I'll happily and gladly recommend her. You can find all of her photos here:

 I don't watch Home Alone but I like this picture so I won't post anything about Christmas anymore tomorrow because I've posted it now so here's all my greetings to you all:
Cheers, be good and see you next year! :-*

Later Edit: The Carol Singers knock on the door like they are the SWAT teams and want to break it :)) with all their might. They are very determined this year to break our doors so watch out and no, I'm no Grinch, not at all but some of them are too old to do this anymore, except for the relatives, friends or the closed ones we know. :D

And I'm so, so nostalgic whenever I listen to this song. What kind of flowers are those? 

marți, 20 decembrie 2016

Queen (Edited)

These past two months I had to use the taxi quite a lot, because I needed to or because I didn't have any other option, not because I want to throw my money on taxi. However, you know you've used it quite a lot when they recognize your voice right away and know your first name. :)) That's why it's very useful to have a driver's license. I'll need to get that too, soon.

Buuuut, when you meet a taxi driver who listens to Queen, that's when you know your life is complete, haha. It's very, very unusual, they usually have very bad taste in music. :-p


Later Edit: This Friday I won't work and a two week holiday is enough, or so I think, to do all the things I want to and to prepare myself for 2017. Life's good. :)

I love this pic a looot. I want a portrait of myself just like this one, drawn by someone. :)
The artist you can find her on instagram, here: arefi_jamilya. She reminds me of Zindy Zone if you know her. 
Goes well with this song. Nice profile :D

duminică, 18 decembrie 2016

Confessions -_-

I miss my studies and my books and I miss my free time and I miss a good adventure. I can't stay in a place for too long because I'm easily bored. -_- And I'm also amazed how people manage to work with me and support me as I'm quite problematic, I have my own ways to always do what I want, I usually don't listen, I don't like orders, I don't like to feel trapped in something at least for not too long, I can't wait for anything so I'm impatient, I'm childish and insensitive, sometimes very weird, stubborn and selfish, impulsive, messy and a horrible cook(I pity the one who will want to spend his life with me :))) I'm a cocky bastard who talks a lot and says way too many stuff, but hey the good part is that I always learn from my mistakes later on and I never repeat them but first I have to hit my head real hard before I can realise something, telling me what's good and bad never works with me if it's what I want at the moment. My parents gave up looong time ago on telling me what to do because they know I'm a hopeless one. -_- Furthermore, I like way too many things and I can't decide on one, perks of being an ENFP. I'm that kind of person who always sleeps 6 hours a night because she always wants to have time to do the many other things she enjoys and a 8 hours a day working lifestyle, I don't think it really suits me. But I really need the money. But hey I have my qualities too, I may be a workaholic, a perfectionist and a very strict person, especially with myself, I'm the strictest person with myself but I know when it's time to leave all the things aside and forget about everything and just relax and have fun and when that happens I really know how to have fun and charge all my batteries, hehe. Also challenges and competitions are my life, can't live without them and I'll happily sacrifice and dedicate my whole life to work if it's my passion and the thing I most love and adore. Oh, I don't think all of the above mentioned are qualities , though haha. After this whole text maybe people will think twice before wanting to have any kind of relationship with me, I'll easily hurt you and leave you  without looking back the second I find a better opportunity for a better life because I'm always starving for more. It's better to just not take me very seriously, even if I may look very serious, don't be fooled, either way. Even my parents think that in the last 2 years, I became a way too cold and distant person and they know me the best. Is this the kind of person you will want to have a serious relationship with? :)) Maybe you should think twice. Now I may seem like an arrogant, pretentious and capricious person but I don't care, I may be pretentious and cold and yes I'm very pretentious, cold, distant and strict but I'm also very pretentious and strict with myself so it goes both ways. I enjoy my independence quite a lot. A couple of good people by my side and I'm happy with that, don't need more than that, a family is also good, I can agree with that but family in the sense with no children or not more than one or I really don't know right now because I'm way too young to decide this but right now and in another 5-6 years I'm very sure that I definitely don't want any. I have my reasons. :D A parent asked me one day if I have children and when will I have one? Hahahah, that really made me laugh. With who, with my hand? And I thought that 22 is an age that gets you off the hook when these kind of questions arise. :))) Just because I work with children everyday, actually more with adults that doesn't mean that I want to have one or that I'm a family kind of person. Don't underestimate me.

 However leaving all these things aside, as a friend I'm a genuine one and the best one you could ever have(trying to put myself in a better light right now, after all the flaws I've written above haha) but no, seriously, in this aspect I'll always be that very good friend, that kind of friend you have for life so you can put all your trust into.
 But these are only words, words, words, they may or may not be trusted.

I'll come back to this post with a good song but right now I gotta goooo because I'll be late again, damn it. :))

Here's the good song


joi, 15 decembrie 2016

Studio Ghibli, my love

If you haven't heard of Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki yet, your childhood was wasted. Haha, I'm joking, but seriously, every soul of any age needs some Ghibli love, or some Makoto Shinkai's movies love. :)

One of my all time favourites remains Princess Mononoke because I'm a fighter.

All credit goes to Joe Hisaishi, the composer of all the beautiful songs from these kind of movies.

I also recommend the "Life is strange" game and the "To the Moon" game and Hearthstone, why not? Don't have time for it anymore but hey good times with this game. And Ib and many, many more and I'm gonna stop now. :)) I've seen the new HD version of Age of Empires II and wow this makes me feel very nostalgic. I really loved that game that one and Mortal Kombat of course, and NFS, haha. Trust me, if you play at least the first two, you'll thank me later. ;)

Later Edit: For my good friend, I'll leave this here. :D

It goes well with this ;)

Classy Lady Gaga

I always loved Lady Gaga with her nonconformism and extravagant style and awesome voice and style. Ok, I repeat myself. :D She's quite an inspiration and oh, yes, she can really sing.

From  this year Victoria's Secret show in Paris because what girl doesn't watch this show? 

Those heals are way too much but that electric guitar rocks

And the original song with Lady Gaga in a very classy pink suit that fits her perfectly.

And this one is not related but still it's heaven on earth. :-P

Also not related, I'm just a forever fan of Izabella Miko and Mena Suvari and many just way too many blondies, not the cake. :))



luni, 12 decembrie 2016


This week is going to be very hectic and full so I'm trying to prepare myself for what's coming. -_-

I'll always love this song. :)


duminică, 11 decembrie 2016

Memories (Edited)

I've found out in my archive a very old video from when I was in High School. Both videos were filmed with my very old phone I had back then, an Alcatel I think :-? and you can't hear anything but hey at least you can see something. :D Alexandra and Lavinia will kill me if they find out I've posted this on the internet but hey, good times. Stupid kid I was and a terrible camera girl, I know. :))

I'll keep it for the Reunion. ;)

This one is from my Erasmus in Belgium.
I am like Dax from Project X, the person with the camera behind everything. :))

And also this one for the good times. :)

Later Edit: And I'm obsessed with this song. It has a really cool vibe and I don't care about what he says in the lyrics, I just like the vibe of it. :-p

sâmbătă, 10 decembrie 2016

Beethoven's Sonata "Pathétique" (Edited)

I'll just leave this here because goosebumps, goosebumps. It's not the original one, just another version of it, played more freely, by ear. Hope you'll like it. It certainly has something special this piece, I don't know what, though. If you can figure it out, please do tell me. :)

Happy weekend! 

Later Edit: I've discovered another beautiful blondie. :D Should have talked about her in the "Cuties" post but however, here she is. Looks a lil' bit like Gigi Hadid, no? 

And I also love this song quite a lot. 

Now that I've made notes here, I won't forget about them. ;)

joi, 8 decembrie 2016

Happy happy happy

I won't do any more dares on facebook because I've alarmed and concerned way too many people with my status this evening:  "I'm in the police station, help." :)) The dare was this one:
The DARE Game - Now your turn. You became a part of the game. You should have never commented or liked my status. The person who likes or comments on my status must choose one of the following phrases & post it on their own FACEBOOK WALL for 24 hours... 1. I've been in 12 different relationships. 2. My mom arranged me for a blind date. 3. I hate him. 4. I still love my ex. 5. I decided to be gay/lesbian. 6. I like her, but I can't tell her. 7. I want a baby. 8. She/he broke up with me. 9. I'm getting married cause Im pregnant/she’s pregnant. 10. I only date handsome guys. 11. I think I like someone, what should I do? 12. Im in the police station, help. 13. Im going to be a father soon. 14. I forgot who I kissed last night. 15. I feel horny. 16.I'm pregnant. 17. I like him, but I can't tell him. 18. I was so drunk last night, i can't believe I ran around my house naked. 19. I secretly have a child. 20. I'm dropping out of school, and becoming a stripper. Note: You can only choose one of these sentences, no explanation, no comment. When someone comments or likes your status, send this message to him/her. You must do it and please keep it a secret. Don't break it's a game. Note: You should not explain anything, just post and leave it for at least a day. No kill-joys allowed. You are trapped now. and I thought it would be fun to try it but the day and the time(at least I was already home) were also not good for this kind of dare and no, I won't do it ever again and also any kind of dare in general from now on. It's not worth it. :))

In other news I'm very happy, happy, happy right now because my first paycheck was today so hey it's an important day. One to celebrate, not one to be at the police station, haha. But hey, as you can see, the other ones were much worse, so not many options for me. However, thank you for your concern, I very much appreciate it. :-*

Cheers! :)

marți, 6 decembrie 2016


I recommend this anime for each and every person of any age and you don't have to be an anime&manga fan, this one can be enjoyed by everyone because it's great, it has a great story and a high amount of spirituality and probably wisdom too so definitely give it a try. It's called Mushishi, it's about life, 8.78 on MAL, it's in top 30 best anime series and it also won the Tokyo Anime Award in the Television category in 2006. 


"Mushi": the most basic forms of life in the world. They exist without any goals or purposes aside from simply "being." They are beyond the shackles of the words "good" and "evil." Mushi can exist in countless forms and are capable of mimicking things from the natural world such as plants, diseases, and even phenomena like rainbows.

This is, however, just a vague definition of these entities that inhabit the vibrant world of Mushishi, as to even call them a form of life would be an oversimplification. Detailed information on Mushi is scarce because the majority of humans are unaware of their existence.

So what are Mushi and why do they exist? This is the question that a "Mushi-shi," Ginko, ponders constantly. Mushi-shi are those who research Mushi in hopes of understanding their place in the world's hierarchy of life.

Ginko chases rumors of occurrences that could be tied to Mushi, all for the sake of finding an answer.

It could, after all, lead to the meaning of life itself.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]


Mushishi is an adaptation of Yuki Urushibara's award-winning manga of the same name. The series adapts the first 26 chapters of the manga, adapting one per episode. The anime aired these stories in a different order than that of the manga.

The series won the Tokyo Anime Award in the Television category in 2006. The series premiered on October 23, 2005, but went on hiatus on March 12, 2006 after having aired 20 episodes. Broadcast resumed on May 15, and aired the remaining 6 episodes, concluding on June 19, 2006.

Hope you'll like it. ;)


My soul needs this. Such a great series, always makes me smile and laugh. :)

Never grow up, it's a trap! :)

duminică, 4 decembrie 2016


Sundays call for very good music. No introduction or any other words are needed for this.

What a lovely way to burn :)


PS: I'm watching Black Mirror I've seen the first 2 eps and I'm going to finish the first season tonight. It's definitely worth a try so watch it ASAP! :)

"Flash-uri din sens opus" de Marian Godina (Edited)

This post will be in Romanian because I want to talk about a Romanian author and Policeman who always makes my day a better one after I read his facebook posts and recently he also finished his book called "Flash-uri din sens opus".

Fara alte spoilere o sa las aici un extras din cartea lui pentru a va face o idee cat de cat si poate va conving sa o si cititi pe toata dupa, ca eu am ras cu lacrimi la faza asta din carte. :))

Asta e una din postarile lui de pe facebook si se gaseste bineinteles si in carte situatia prezentata mai jos. Happy reading!

"M-am întâlnit cu Petrică şi i-am dat o carte personalizată. :))
Era vreo două ceasul, a patra noapte de schimbul trei dar nu eram obosit. O aveam ca parteneră pe Monica, o fată frumoasă de 20 de ani, o polițistă tânară și foarte isteață, proaspăt ieșită de pe băncile școlii. Deci nici plictisit nu eram. Conduceam Loganul pe străzile Brașovului, când o voce din stație ne-a direcționat în Noua, lângă Grădina Zoologică. Accident rutier. Am plecat in viteză spre locul indicat și în timp scurt am ajuns acolo. Un stâlp din beton culcat la pământ, fire de electricitate pe jos, un Matiz făcut acordeon și încă fumegând în mijlocul drumului, un echipaj SMURD, iar lângă Matiz, rezemat de un gard, un bărbat cu ochelari. Cam asta era sceneta. În SMURD se acordau îngrijiri unei persoane așa că m-am dus spre cel rezemat de gard. Mi-am dat ușor seama că nu se sprijinea din cauza oboselii, nici că ar fi fost rănit. Era os.
– Buna seara! Dumneavoastră ați condus?
– Că doar nu mama!
– Sunteți lovit? Vreți la spital?
– Ei vreau in p...!
Deși nu îmi plac oamenii beți, ăsta chiar era comic și simpatic. Nu avea nicio repulsie față de noi, colabora și nu făcea scandal, nici vorbă să fie nevoie de cătușe. Era mic si grăsălan, la vreo 40 de ani, cu ochelari de tocilar.Îl chema Petrică. Se vedea pe el că nu e prost. Rostea cuvantul „p...” cam cu aceeași frecvență cu care clipea, fără nicio jenă față de colega mea, care era de altfel la fel de amuzată de omuleț ca și mine. Matizul era numai bun de dus la Remat. Nu se mai înțelegea mare lucru din el. Am urcat să iau actele din torpedou și am simțit că cineva rânjeste la mine. Era de fapt o proteză dentară căzuta pe preș, probabil de la pasagerul din dreapta, cel care era in SMURD. L-am chemat pe Petrică și i-am spus să o ia și să i-o ducă la spital prietenului că sigur o va căuta a doua zi. „Bag p...-n dinții lui și în gura lu’ ăla care ar pune mâna pe dinții lui.” Răspunsul lui m-a liniștit repede. Terminasem treaba la fața locului și noi, și cei de la iluminatul public, pe careîi chemasem să ridice firele căzute. L-am urcat pe șoferul turmentat în mașină și am plecat spre Spitalul Județean unde urma să îi fie luat sânge pentru alcoolemie. După aproximativ 200 de m, am observat că și alte fire de electricitate sunt căzute, așa că am accelerat să îi pridem din urmă pe cei de la intervenții, care plecaseră înaintea noastră. Am ajuns în spatele mașinii de la Electrica și am pornit girofarurile. Șoferul acesteia iși continua drumul liniștit, așa că am pornit și sirenele. Nimic. Îi dădea mai departe liniștit, nu vedea, nu auzea. Am tras în paralel cu el și am deschis geamul, dar până să îi spun eu ce aveam de zis, l-am auzit pe Petrică, de pe bancheta din spate: „da oprește-n m...i mă-tii la semnalele acustice si luminoase ale mașinii de politie, ești surd în p... mea ? că acum iți iau permisul ! Justițiarul de Petrică se pare că știa bine Codul Rutier, mai puțin partea cu alcoolul si condusul. Pe drumul spre spital am aflat povestea accidentului.
– A venit boul ăsta de prieten al meu că el vrea să îl duc să îl invăț să conducă, în p... mea.
– La ora 2 l-a apucat cheful de invățat să conducă?
– Pai eu v-am zis ca e bou, in p... mea. Și am zis sa îl duc la pădure pe drumurile alea, să invețe acolo, să nu perturbăm traficul. Iar până acolo să conduc eu. Iar cand am ajuns aici, nu stiu in p... mea, muiștii ăia de la iluminat, cu stâlpul lor in p... mea. Am făcut mașina praf. Și ieri îi făcusem plinul, in p... mea. Oricum nevastă-mea e de vină pentru astea.
– Ce treaba are femeia?
– Păi atâta m-a f...t, că i-am cerut cheile si nu voia sa mi le dea. Că-s beat, că p... mea, că unde plec eu cu mașina beat la ora asta…
-Și ce vină are ea? Ea te sfătuia de bine.
– Păi dacă zicea: „poftim dragul meu cheile, să conduci prudent”, nu se mai intampla nimic in p... mea, dar așa…am plecat nervos si stresat.
Am ajuns la spital și am intrat în unitatea de urgență cu Petrică, explicându-i că trebuie să i se recolteze sânge și să fie văzut de un medic.
– Ce medic ?? Newton ăsta de aici ? zise Petrică cu voce tare, arătând cu degetul spre medicul de acolo. De câțiva ani mă perindam pe la spitalul ăla și de câte ori vedeam acel medic mă chinuiam să îmi dau seama de unde îl știu și cu cine seamănă. A fost nevoie de un om beat ca să îmi vină în minte manualul de fizică de-a zecea pe care era poza lui Newton și care semăna leit cu doctorul. Erau ceva urgențe la ora aia, așa că trebuia să așteptăm. Stăteam cu Petrică în spital, când dintr-o ambulanță coboară un alt bețiv, cu ochii umflați si plin de sânge. Întotdeauna doi bețivi se vor cunoaște din priviri, va fi între ei un fel de dragoste la prima vedere și vor reuși să comunice mult mai bine decât doi oameni lucizi. Brancardierul a parcat scaunul pe care era bețivul bătut exact lângă scaunul pe care aștepta cuminte Petrică, să-i fie înțepată vena.
– Ce-ai pățit, frate?
– Am fost la un meci, sunt suporter.
– Și ți-ai luat-o în benă, in p... mea? cine ți-a rupt fălcile?
Dialogul celor doi noi prieteni a fost întrerupt de dr. Newton care l-a chemat pe Petre la examenul medical.
-Știți ce zi e azi ?
-E noapte-n p... mea, nu mai e zi.
Eu si Monica eram cu gura până la urechi de râs și ne abțineam din respect pentru doctor, care de altfel nu-i gusta deloc glumițele lui Petrică. Mai pufneam din când in când dar ne întorceam cu spatele.
– Ce greutate aveți ?
– Da ce p... mea, ăștia m-au adus să mă vândă ca pe porci, în p... mea?
– V-ati lovit in accident?
– Nu !
– Dar văd că țineți mâna pe lângă corp
– Și unde vrei s-o tin? la p... ?
Doctorul îl prinde de mână iar Petrică începe să zbiere .
– Ați zis că nu sunteți lovit.
–Păi sunt, dar nu din accident, in p... mea.
– Dar ce-ați pățit?
– Am căzut din cireș, in p... mea.
– Ați consumat alcool?
– DA, în p... mea, ție ți se pare că-s treaz?
– Ce ați consumat?
– Diverse, ce?
– DIVERSE-n p... mea!! scrie acolo: D, I , V, E, R, S, E !
Eu nu am mai rezistat, am lăsat-o pe Monica să asiste în continuare la examinare și am fugit în mașina de politie râzând în hohote. Mă gândeam că nu sunt suficient de matur și știam că nu ar trebui să mă amuze astea, dar chiar aveam o criză de ilaritate. Râdeam în mașină cu lacrimi, când s-a deschis portiera și am auzit-o pe Monica râzând la fel ca mine. Venise și ea să râdă, iar acum ne chinuiam amândoi să ne oprim din râs, să ne reluăm fețele oficiale și să intrăm înapoi în spital la Petrică și la Newton. Făceam câțiva pași spre urgență și ne lua iar râsul. Când se calma unul, începea celălalt. Într-un final am reușit să fac pe seriosul, să semnez actele, să îl iau pe Petrică și să mergem la poliție. Doctorul se uită urât la mine și acum când mă vede. Trăiește cu impresia că sunt un prost si că bancurile cu politisti sunt reale. Nu îl pot acuza si il inteleg. Dar sunt convins că Petrică ar fi colaborat mai bine cu el dacă nu ar fi avut moaca atât de sobră și dacă ar fi abordat și el un registru mai familiar și mai amuzant. M-am intâlnit cu Petrică de curând. Mi-a povestit că a primit doi ani cu suspendare si că a dat examen iar și și-a redobândit permisul. Prietenul lui nu a mai vrut să invețe să conducă și e știrb si acum…nu a mai avut bani de o lucrare dentară nouă. Matizul e la Remat, benzina a scos-o a doua zi după accident și a vândut-o cu un milion jumate.
– Si acum după toate astea, mai conduci băut?
– Normal, în p... mea !"

It's not related at all with this post but I've come across this song from 2012 and memorieeeeees :D

sâmbătă, 3 decembrie 2016

Fun fun fun

Rock on night = checked
Salsa night (where I actually learned how to dance salsa, bachata, kizomba with almost every dancer who was there last night :)) = checked
Concert =  checked
Dinner out with my colleagues from work = unchecked :(
Colac secuiesc or Kürtőskalács (Google it) = unchecked :( I always say next time for this but it never happens :(

For the next weekends I'll try something completely different again but only if I'll have the opportunity so it's not certain but I hope somewhere where more people are my age or at least closer to my age and not too old or too young, meaning underage :)) probably in Daily or somewhere where's a good show(in New York Pub I've been way too many times when I was still in University :)) Just to make it clear, I just want to have fun, I'm not looking for anything in particular so please don't insist on anything if I say no because no means no and I won't repeat myself. And if you still don't understand, I'll press charges or I'll use my spray because I always have one in my purse, just in case. However, I'll just go, see, talk, dance if it's the case and leave and that's it. I never drink or smoke or anything else you might imagine, it's just not in my style. I like to use my brain a lot and that's why. :-p And I never come back and that doesn't mean that I didn't like it or that I didn't have fun so don't misunderstand me. I'm more of an observer. I think I would be a great psychologist, but I didn't study psychology at all in my high school years so I missed my chance. However, I'm glad that I had a lot of fun either way.

Have I told you how much I love this band? (The ending is so cute)

Surprisingly, they also have some chill songs, too

And this one because Gambino and because new album :-p (Please just ignore the photo haha)

I'm happy because I've got my Popcorn Time programme back and it works, I really missed Popcorn Time. I've been on Netflix for a month because it was free but I'm not gonna pay for it so hey at least Popcorn Time is free. :)) I'm also on Spotify and I managed to even get myself a Filelist account, something I wanted for a long time, so I'm all set. I'm claudia9456 on Spotify and Clau9456 on Filelist if you want to add me. ;) 'Till next time: Cheers! :)

miercuri, 30 noiembrie 2016

Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) - Edited

Best movie ever. I'm so glad I've seen it a couple of weeks before, when I actually had time on my hands. :)) I try my very best to do all the things that I want besides work, social life, some unfinished business from last year(long story) :D and personal hobbies and I'm really amazed how I manage to do them all. What I really don't have time to anymore is to read my favourite books, have some personal time just for myself, anime&manga, any kind of games(I used to play Hearthstone) and work out eventually but I'll have to also make time for those, give up some hobbies or TV series and work out instead because I need to be more healthy, I need to keep fit somehow that meaning bringing food to work instead of being very hungry when I get back home, always after 8pm. And I'm thinking of switching to more vegan food as much as I can. Weekends are just not the same, I try to sleep more in weekends, hopefully but still they're disappearing like magic. I feel like I'm changing so much that I don't even recognize myself from how I was in September and by that I don't mean physically, physically I am exactly the same person with a couple of pounds less but it's ok as long as it's less and not more. Perfectionist problems. I may actually become a more responsible person and that's some big achievement for me. And I even have time to write in a blog and be active on social media, like hey can I be more multitasking than that? :)) I can't wait for 2017 to come because I'm ready for a fresh new start.

First things first, I wanted to talk about Kimi no Na wa or Your Name translated in English from Japanese. One of my all time wishes was to also learn some japanese but nobody has time for that anymore, at least not me. :)) However, this movie is awesome.

Here's a short synopsis from My Anime List website: 
Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl, yearns to live the life of a boy in the bustling city of Tokyo—a dream that stands in stark contrast to her present life in the countryside. Meanwhile in the city, Taki Tachibana lives a busy life as a high school student while juggling his part-time job and hopes for a future in architecture.

One day, Mitsuha awakens in a room that is not her own and suddenly finds herself living the dream life in Tokyo—but in Taki's body! Elsewhere, Taki finds himself living Mitsuha's life in the humble countryside. In pursuit of an answer to this strange phenomenon, they begin to search for one another.

Kimi no Na wa. revolves around Mitsuha and Taki's actions, which begin to have a dramatic impact on each other's lives, weaving them into a fabric held together by fate and circumstance.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Next on my to watch list is another high rated anime movie, on someone's recommendation, another anime&manga fan out there and also a reader of my blog. Thank you for reading my blog and I'll definitely see it soon. And also thank you for the Monster recommendation. ;) The anime movie is called Koe no Katachi and it has a 9.05 on and trust me this means a lot.


Ishida Shouya bullies a deaf girl, Nishimiya Shouko, to the point that she transfers to another school. As a result, he is ostracized and bullied himself with no friends to speak of and no plans for the future.

This is the story of his path to redemption.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Happy mini-holiday for those who have 5 free days this week. :-p Cheers!

Later Edit: I've talked to one of my former University colleagues and I'm just amazed by how sad the situation is at the University right now especially for the Master programmes. Not only they had no competition at all, they remained with so many free available places for Master that they were quite desperate to try and pursue any final year student to register just because they had places. And not only that but the students aren't coming at all at the very few lectures or seminars and teachers are quite desperate but they can't do anything about it so they work with 3, max. 4 students and that's it. That's so lame and sad at the same time. But I'm not suprised at all considering the fact that everybody wanted to leave this city as soon as possible for a better life after Uni. I've also seen a tank like an actual army tank on the streets and I was like wtf is going on. Me and everybody else. (Please excuse my expression but that's exactly what I was thinking). I was sad because I didn't have the chance to actually take a picture of it, wondering the streets. Maybe next time. Or how about no, no, no next time.

luni, 28 noiembrie 2016

Urma (Edited)

Hey, hey look what I've found. Do you remember this?? :D I had to post it because I always liked this song. It's from a very old Romanian song with a very strong message behind it. This version is readapted to our modern days and times(actually it's from 2012, this song) but still the message is kept the same and in the lyrics you'll see a combination of Romanian language with English. The message is "Who loves and leaves should be punished by God". The old version sounds like an incantation or a spell/curse and I know it's kind of creepy and I'm really not a religious person at all(our churches and priests are all a big scam, all of them) but I still like this song. Hope you'll like it, too. :-p

This song is inspired by one of our myths and is also very good. We have our great bands and artists but they are very old right now and not many people remember or know about them, unfortunately. The new ones are also great, some of them but they just express a different kind of feeling, it's just not the same.

It's this Romanian myth: (Sorry, but I can't find an English version of it and either way it's more authentic leaving it like that) :)

Later Edit: This post also reminded me of those people who've been through a lot of things in life, who have seen so many things and places and known so many people that when you talk with them you can debate on any kind of subject or topic and they are just so resourceful that you are just amazed by them. Furthermore, their eyes are so full of wisdom and knowledge and kindness that all you can do is listen to their stories and nod and be amazed. They are like open encyclopedias, that's how I like to call them. Have you met someone like this? I didn't but I'm still searching and I hope I'll be one of them too when I'll be old enough. :D

duminică, 27 noiembrie 2016

Rock on Weekend

The weather outside where I live calls for some good music, for some good SOAD and Rammstein music for the sake of good old times. And for these guys too who became my new obsession, don't know for how long but it doesn't matter, for now they are just great and I have a certain someone to thank for bringing them to me. :D

The girls are young, a little dumb and they're going it alone. Well, of course they are.

Eating seeds is the best time activity, the toxicity of our city, of our city, la la la (I know this album by heart for a looong time and always come back to it whenever I feel like it and that's when I know that I'm happy :D)

And this one is pure gold

In other news it's funny how everybody knows everybody. It happens a lot when you live in a rather small city where everybody kind of knows everybody. So when you're going somewhere the probability to be recognized by someone is very high especially if it's also the same city where you've been born haha. Things become weird when you're recognized even by the random bus driver and you just can't remember from where or when and you just sit there and try to remember like really, really hard but you just can't.  -_-
Next week is Romania's national day, the first of December and everybody has 2 free days so I'm going to work only on Monday and Tuesday next week and after that I have 5 free days including also the weekend. I can't wait for my best friend to come from Bucharest to catch up on things and go to some concerts because you know, the tradition, actually you might not know. (In my city there are some concerts each and every year, this time of the year, so that's the tradition, actually we're waiting only for BUG Mafia because the other ones are just to lame to watch) and I'm also going to try a salsa party, something I never tried before with my former University classmate just to get out of my comfort zone a little bit so I can't wait. It will definitely be a lot of fun these days or so I hope. 

Tomorrow I have to adult again and I don't want to, like I know I should grow up and don't stay all Sunday in pyjamas when it's 6 pm but it'll have to wait. Don't get me wrong because I really love my job but Mondays, you know. I'm just like this cat below on Mondays, haha. I'm also completely rethinking my life plans for next year(my dream is my dream and I've been pursuing it since I was 17 and nothing can stop me and everybody knows this by now that I'm very stubborn in general, haha), I can't say anything right now because it's just too early and I still don't have a strong back up plan but I'm hoping for next year, don't know exactly when, though. Still patience has been and it still is my greatest enemy since forever but I won't do anything without a strong back up plan because I'm not that stupid or crazy or whatever. I just hope my boss doesn't read my blog. Fingers crossed. :))

Furthermore, I really don't know why I'm writing all these stuff online, like who cares? :)) Or I rather say, why would I share so many personal stuff online? Well, I don't know, I try not to but I just can't help it and I'm getting used to it and I also don't care about what other people might say or think about me, I never did. And I also don't care if it's old-fashioned to be still writing in any type of blog, be it blogspot or not. Maybe I like to inspire others like others did for me in the past? Maybe. :-p

This cat is so meee :))

Hope you had a great weekend and don't forget to work really hard for what you want. Cheers! ;)
You can see that I'm a girl because I just can't stop talking and talking. :))

marți, 22 noiembrie 2016

Moonlight Breakfast

I don't remember if I've posted about these guys yet but I'll do it now, either way. I've discovered them in September and I'm quite obsessed with them since then. They are simply amazing, they have everything, good looks, great voice, great tune, like everything and you'll see soon why. I can't believe they are Romanians. :D Proud of them.

My fav is this one :D

I always dance to this song :))

And last but not least is this beauty (beautiful girl, beautiful song) :)


duminică, 20 noiembrie 2016


I've been listening to this for quite some time because it always gives me that fuzzy feeling, I mean it's so sweet, the video and also the song. :)) This is especially for the readers who have been in this situation and I feel bad for you if you actually were in this situation. Poor guy, but however I always thought that everybody deserves their share of happiness in every way possible in this not so pink life so you should be happy too and also very glad for somebody else's happiness, so don't spoil their happiness when you could actually enjoy it with them or I don't know at least try to enjoy it. :)) Everybody deserves to be happy in their own way. I also deserve to be not happy but very happy and you too deserve the same. Good luck! ^_^

sâmbătă, 19 noiembrie 2016

Crazy, cool stuff

I find this song creepy-weird, oddly compelling but at the same time I can't stop watching it. I know, I'm usually very weird myself. :D

And this is another rapper to put on your long list. A very funny one. He reminds me of G-Eazy a little in some of his songs, don't judge. :))

The madam with the big house was such a sweetheart, letting them borrow her house for these kind of things, haha, poor woman, she sure didn't know exactly for what. I wouldn't let them if I had that house. :))

And for the girls I have some Katy B

Oh, I almost forgot. My mother likes Bruno Mars because he's handsome so this song is for her. :-p