luni, 31 octombrie 2016

The Man Who Knew Infinity

This weekend I had time for three awesome movies. They were on my to-watch list for quite some time. The first one is Kimi no Na Wa translated Your Name by Makoto Shinkai. It's a new movie from 2016 and it's the highest ranked anime movie of all with a 9,4 mark out of 10 on If you're not a fan or you're not into these kind of anime&manga, japanese animation stuff you wouldn't know about it, so all I can tell you for now is that it is the best of them all so you should watch it.

The story is set one month after a comet has fallen for the first time in a thousand years in Japan. Mitsuha, a high school girl living in the countryside, wants to live in the city because she is tired of life in the country. Then, there's Taki. He's a high school student living in Tokyo with his friends while working as a part-timer at an Italian restaurant. He also has a strong interest in fine arts involving architecture. One day, Mitsuha dreams of herself as a young man. On the other hand, Taki also has a dream where he is a female student attending high school in the countryside. What's the secret behind their dreams?

This movie makes you wonder how it would be like if you switched your life with somebody else's and vice versa. Of course I'm talking about two very different lives. Here's the trailer.

The second movie is The Man Who Knew Infinity and it's also new and I'm sure you'll like this one. It's about the life of a young Indian man from Madras who was a genius in mathematics during the First World War years. It's the same actor who played Pi in Life of Pi movie. (I've also read the book :-p). And the movie is inspired by real life events so it actually existed a Ramanujan at Cambridge. You know I always like the inspired by real events movies. ;) Here's the trailer.

The last one is called Lost in Translation, an old one. It wasn't that good but I enjoyed it. Definitely, wouldn't watch it again. :) 
Next on my to watch list are Kubo and the two strings, Finding Dory, The Angry Birds movie, Miss Peregrine's House of Peculiar Children, The Fourth Phase and Warcraft. If you have any other  movie reccommendations for me, don't hesitate to write them below, in the comments section. 

Not related to the subject but quite important is that next year, I'll want to take my driver's license, too. I've wanted it since I was 18 years old but other things always got in the way, like all the time. So yeah, 2017 will be very busy for me but I can't wait for it. Many good things will come so 2017 I can't wait for you. Cheers! :)

sâmbătă, 29 octombrie 2016

I don't know what to write here title

I want to end October with this last post on a happy note so here's The Killers for you and some Porter Robinson who always makes me happy. I use this word "always" quite a lot. :-p Coldplay also goes well with the Killers, sometimes.


PS: I'm still amazed that this blog is still visited by some people. :)) You should be bored by now as I post almost all the time. So, hey "How you Doin'?" said in a Joey Tribbiani's voice. ;)

It never gets old. :))


This reunion I've found with them is simply amazing. Most of them haven't changed at all and the actress who plays Phoebe is the same in real life as in the show. So cute. :)

Gwen Stefani

I always loved her, she's always an inspiration to me or at least when she was younger she was, because right now I'm not really a big fan of her new songs. However, I still like her. Don't speak is great but right now I'm more in the mood for these. :D

And this one has a great videoclip and story behind it and I know not many people understand or accept these kind of friendships but I think they are very cool and also great. Time always kills the pain. And I'll always be happy for you if you can be happy for me. It's called mutual respect, maturity or adulthood and it's called moving on. 

Remember: Time always, always kills the pain. ;)

vineri, 28 octombrie 2016


Today's Halloween party was great so I'm in a really great mood with the events coming up next such as an advertising in the mall and a HDE conference and I like it when I'm busy because I like what I do and I like being there like all the time, not doing something or anything usually bores me to death. My colleagues teachers are my favourite girls and also my best friends and we usually can't wait until our next hang out. :) Each day is different and at the end of the day, I also get to eat lots of sweets like a 'lil child who receives a little treat at the end of the day. Hey, I still have some innocence left in me and I'm still very childish so yeah these things still work with me. :)) But, of course, I'll have to cut them out as I don't want to get fat. I try to be pretty strict with my body, I like it to remain like how it is right now, hopefully. I have below average height so it will look tragic if I gain too much weight. So HDE, no more sweets, cakes or pies for me, in the evening, nope, I won't accept it anymore and I say it right now in the blog to look like I'm a tough person or something like that :)) but I know in reality how hard it will be for me to refuse something so delicious when the time comes. So yeah, we'll see about that.

Oh, and I also consider in registering as a PFA translator besides teaching and private tutoring as my colleagues are and advised me (that's why I love them so much ^_^) to have more opportunities but I want to take it one step at a time and first get that International HDE teaching Certificate which everyone has at HDE, next year when it will be after February, which is of utmost importance for me right now and after that I'll see about it. I have a really good feeling about 2017, I'm sure it will be great and I can't wait for it. :) I don't regret at all not doing a Master's Degree because I love much more what I'm doing right now and I'm happy. :)

In other news, I'm near the end of season 6 with Friends and I've just heard of Black Mirror TV series and it seems pretty interesting, but I'm sure I won't have time for it so Friends will be enough for now.

If you want something much more serious, this is the trailer for Black Mirror

Happy weekend! :)

joi, 27 octombrie 2016


Today I have these two cuties for you to listen to. First one is Melanie Martinez, I'm sure she's quite popular everywhere, so you know her.

And this one is Foxes, not very popular but a very well hidden treasure. She also has very nice legs. :)

And Ariana Grande but only when she sings live and only when the song is good,

And let's not forget about Eliza Doolittle and her cute voice. :)

And as this post is only with women and about women, I'll also leave this old AMV here. I still enjoy it a lot and it brings back a good lot of memories from when I used to watch Cowboy Bebop. The cover image of the blog is also from that series.

New everything

New job and this one is for real and it will stay with everything signed, etc. The atmosphere is great, the method they use is great and very unique, something you don't usually see in Romania and it also has many centres worldwide, so I'm quite proud of myself right now, In a couple of months I will also be eligible to go on a 7 days intensive course in HDE teaching in another city like my teacher colleagues did, last year. It's one time a year when an HDE teacher from another country comes and instruct future English teachers from all the Helen Doron centres in Romania. At the end, after the exam, the International Certificate you gain will let you teach English at any Helen Doron centre worldwide. Looking into perspective right now I realise some things and how suited this job is for me. I will promote this Educational Group wherever I'll go and with whoever I meet because they deserve more recognition and promotion especially in Romania and they are simply amazing, all of them and I will also be forever indebted to them and for the help they give me everyday. So thank you Helen Doron, I'm sure you are helping a lot of people worldwide each day with your great method in teaching English to kids. I will be all my life indebted to you, too for such a great opportunity and career start. Trust me, I never forget goodwill. :)

And this is a study of HDE made by a University professor from Germany

Cheers to new beginnings! :)

duminică, 23 octombrie 2016

Beautiful inside and out

Aurora is for me a combination of Florence and the Machine with Selah Sue and when she dances she resembles Lorde a little. :-p I'm always inspired by girls like her or Selah Sue or Florence.

At 3:25 the dancing part starts and I'm sure you'll be mesmerized by her as I was. ;) That's what I'm looking for, she's beautiful inside and out. I can always sense if someone has a beautiful soul or is a good, intelligent, genuine person, Those people are so rare that I spot them right away when I first see them, only if I have the chance to meet them in the first place, of course. It's easy to notice because everything they do, every reaction they have at anything betrays their goodwill or their intelligence. :) That's why I'm always very sad when I lose a good friend because of, you know, life. Happens all the time.
Here,she is literally glowing but I don't quite understand those hand movements she does so I prefer the video from above more.

And this is Selah Sue, my all time crush. Okay, idol of some sort so I won't get the wrong impression here. Still sad because I missed the chance I had to see her in concert. Meh.

Later edit: She's also very funny, like giiirl can you be more perfect?! Now I'm jealous. That ending, tho. :-p


joi, 20 octombrie 2016

Porter Robinson

I'm always left speechless by this amazing artist. I've just found this great video by him and recommend you all to watch it 'till the end as I was left speechless. Everything is great, from the music to the video and especially the story behind it. I really don't know what to say more, just watch it so you'll see for yourself.

About some people

Probably this post will infuriate a lot of people but I don't care. I'm so sick of the attitude of why would you go to the gym if you're so thin.

First of all I'm not very thin, I look very good and I'm proud of it and to be able to always look my best in 5-10 years as I look right now, I workout. Nobody looks good with no effort, remember that, no matter how gifted you were from the mother nature you'll never look like you are in your 20's if you're 35 and you never workout. That's just an example.

And that's why I do any kind of exercises that I'm able to, in order to keep myself fit. And it also makes me feel good. You'll always see happy people among sportives. If I notice that I'm too thin because I eat too little, or if I have problems sleeping, usually those are my problems, well guess what, a little extra effort also helped me gain weight by making me eat a whole lot than I usually do. When I didn't do anything, bad habits came back. You don't have to go to the gym all the time as I know you usually don't have time for that but you can walk instead of taking the car or the bus or do a lot of different stuff to keep yourself fit or practice any kind of sport, it really doesn't matter as long as you're not lazy.

And if you're working in a office always at the computer, well that's an extra reason to workout if you don't want to have health issues later in life. Bad weather is also not an excuse.:-p What I don't like is the attitude of people who don't like to workout or to move or do something and they blame others for doing it. And if they're fat or very fat and they really need some exercises and they argue with me, well that's when I'll snap and make them feel very sorry so they won't want to see my face ever again and trust me I can make you regret the day you actually first met me if I want to. it doesn't matter who you are.

If you have problems and you can't gain or lose weight that's ok but don't have a bad attitude about it and especially don't blame others for pointing out obvious things they see. Usually feeling sorry about what someone said about you motivates you and can bring some good change. So it's good sometimes to feel ashamed about yourself, what it's not good is to bitch about it and blame others for wanting to help you even if it is helping in a way you don't like it, or even worse tell them how being a "little" fat is actually healthy and sexy because curves. -_- That's so dumb. Don't trust that Meghan Trainor's song. That woman has some personal issues she needs to sort out and her songs suck. A good friend is one who tells you when you're stupid, wrong or anything else not one that licks your wounds. It's also not good if you exaggerate by building too much muscle and so on and so forth, I think anybody can realize that you need a good balance in everything you do in life.

All in all, try to be an active person as much as you can and also improve yourself more, you'll be impressed by how many things you can do afterwards.

marți, 18 octombrie 2016

Long Live the Chief

Not what I usually listen to but if you are open minded enough about music in general, you will find this very, very interesting and entertaining at the same time. I listen to almost everything that sounds very good and of course it also depends on the mood I'm in so expect Rammstein and SOAD next as I grew up with them, they were my bed time stories(meaning that is what I usually heard in the house when I was little) so they will always, always have a special place in my little heart. :D However, I've been listening to this on repeat for some time, it certainly has something very catchy about it if I can't stop. Don't know exactly what, though, but you can really understand every single word he says in the song and this is what I most appreciate. :D Ok, and the contrast black-red catched my eye at first, I love this contrast a lot. I also reccommend Childish Gambino. ;)

You can either lead, follow or get out the way

It's not related at all but the contrast reminded me of this. I'm sure who knows this picture also knows about the movie. 

Posting from another laptop. :\ (A post not about music will come soon) 

duminică, 16 octombrie 2016

More Music

I know I post a lot of songs lately but I can't live without good music, I never could so these are another two songs before I'll go, so bear with me. :D

This song is so fabulous, I feel fabulous whenever I listen to it, haha :))

And after this one you can have a Blink 182 song as the band is mentioned in the lyrics of the above song :D Normally, I would post All the small things by them but now I like more the I Miss You song. :-p So here it is.

"I listen to this when I want to take a break from being an adult for 3:47." (So trueee).
Enjoy! :)

PS: My laptop is infected with a lot of viruses and not only that but the display must be changed as it doesn't want to show the image when the laptop is in a normal position so it's also technical, that's how bad it is, so I don't know when I'll post next. 

Within Temptation

Remember these gorgeous women with their heavenly, great voices? These are my favourite duets of all time. Literally goosebumps everytime I listen to them.


I didn't expect to like it that much, being about boxing and all that but to be honest I enjoyed it a lot and Stallone is pure gold in this movie, He made the whole movie awesome. He definitely stole the show.  I've seen Southpaw some time ago and liked it but Creed is better.

Enjoy! :)

vineri, 14 octombrie 2016

Happy weekend :D

I just can't wipe the grin off my face for a couple of hours. :D I just can't believe how so many things can happen so fast like in a matter of days. Life sure is strange. I'm trying very, very hard not to get too excited as I always do when finally something good happens but of course I can't. That's me. Passing through emotions like I'm in a roller-coaster. (It's job related, of course :D) The future sure looks bright, that's all I can tell you for now. You know what they say when you lose something good in order to get something even greater. Now I trust these words even more. Hope I can sleep for a couple of hours tonight as last night I couldn't and now I look like I'm sedated. '-_- This will be a goooood weekend, I can feel it. :D

And this is a nice song I received from a friend and it reminded me of Belgium even though Belgians don't speak with that accent, those from the video are French. Good times. Very good times there. I sure miss some Erasmus people I met there, they know themselves. Hope we'll meet again, someday. :) And the video is so funny. 

joi, 13 octombrie 2016


This post will not be about me. I'll just let this link here to my big brother's website with drawings made by him. He's been drawing since before I was born so he has some experience. If you want to buy a portrait or anything else you can send him a message. Most of his drawings are hyper-realistic made in pencil or charcoal. He can also do paintings or photoshop drawings. He recently had his own art exhibition in Belgium, near Bruxelles. I don't know what to say more because I really don't have any kind of knowledge about this kind of stuff, so you judge. -_- Wish I had his talent even though he always says it's all about hard work and practice and not much about talent. Yeah, suuure.

Here's the link to his website:

Iron Sky

Paolo Nutini's Iron Sky with Charlie Chaplin's speech in it goes well with a cup of tea and some good news.

These guys also keep me good company. I'm so glad they are from Romania. I'm talking about the band below. :)

miercuri, 12 octombrie 2016

Never daddy's little princess

Dad tried to teach me how to cook but of course I'm a disaster. :D He laughs and thinks no man will ever take me with those "skills". I told him that it doesn't matter that much anymore as we're in the 21st century and women are different now and so are men and I also have bigger problems in my life right now than to please men. :-p However, I have to learn how to properly cook a decent meal at least for myself. This is so useful when you're living by yourself and you don't want to be broke in a week. :)) I'm so jealous of people who are naturally gifted cooks like my dad. :) He's pretty cool sometimes, but only sometimes. :D He isn't your typical dad who thinks his daughter is his perfect little princess who nobody has to argue with. He always shows me what flaws I have and that made me a fighter and not a princess. A stubborn one. However, I wish he praised me more. Everybody needs that, sometimes. This reminded me of a picture I've found some time ago which said something like "Great things never came from comfort zones." And I think hardships also help you a lot.

I'm gonna fight 'em off
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back
They're gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back

I also love this version of Black Hole Sun. Great singer.

The Original Song:

I've made myself a signature to put each time I finish a blog post. :D

marți, 11 octombrie 2016

Jeff Buckley

I've discovered this awesome artist, maybe a little bit too late as he has been dead since '97, but it doesn't matter that. What it matters is that this man can really sing, he has such a great voice, a soothing voice and I also think he looks like James Franco when he was young. :-p Unfortunately, the songs are a bit depressing but I just like his voice. 

I like the first song more. :-p

luni, 10 octombrie 2016

Future Learn

Initially I wanted to give you guys some books recommendations but I don't read that much these days so I figured these websites will be more useful.

Sooo, I've discovered Future Learn website last year, I think, and it's by far the best free online courses site you can find there on the Internet. I didn't give it so much credit at first because you know there are just online courses, so I thought they weren't that important because I always thought that studying a course in an actual University is much more accurate, useful and good than just an online course. However I discovered a very interesting English  course in teaching and because it was free and I was quite interested in that subject and because it was also sponsored by The British Council and the University of Southampton, I thought ok this should be a good course. They also said about how this course is for the final year students from all around the world who want to take an online master's degree in English Teaching language(ELT) at University of Southampton in collaboration with British Council and how the students should first complete this online course before applying to an actual full online master's degree. That convinced me that it was a good course so I did it. It was the most wanted course on the website back then because it was sponsored by a great University :) so I had to try it.

Me and another 50 000 people online tried it. :))  It took me a semester to complete it and it was fun and interesting and not very hard. I also had tests and other type of examinations if I remember it well. And now I've received the certificate from them and the invitation for the online Master in ELT in the e-mail from the British Council and it's pretty cool. I know it's online and all that and don't know how much it will help me in the future these things but at least I tried.

What I really want to talk about with you is not the course I finished last year, it's the online Master in ELT as I know this is the real deal as it takes 2.5 years to complete, 5 semesters, part-time, all online with actual teachers from University of Southampton and from British Council, with podcasts, lectures and online discussions with the teachers from the University and you actually have access to e-books and the online library and of course it's not free anymore, it costs a lot and you can find it also to apply on the University of Southampton website because first you have to apply there. And this is how I know it's the real deal.

I just wanted to share this with you as I think this is really awesome and I think it is a great opportunity for people from all around the world to get a full MA from home from a foreign University. :)) I never thought this is actually possible but I also got my confirmation that this website Future Learn is very good and their courses are very good and recognized so you should try it if you want to see something new. They also said something about a scholarship for this MA in ELT but it covers only 30% of the total fee. Well, too bad. However, this is how you know something is accurate.

Now I do a MOOC on Future Learn and it's also pretty awesome. It really doesn't take you that much time to complete it of you do it daily, you also have some deadlines but they are not many and I like them, they are really different from what I am used to.

I've first heard about ELT teachers when I searched for TEFL internships, last year. I did so many things and applied to so many stuff last year that I forgot about many of them. :)) ELT teachers if I remember correctly are English teachers, many non-natives who travel all around the Globe to teach English to pupils where English is not their first language and of course they are paid for it. 

However, this e-mail brightened up my day as last week was so awful with the not getting the job I wanted after one month of quite an intensive training at a private kindergarten from my hometown, where I know I did my best. I still hate that man who said it to my face after a month that they don't want me as I didn't have enough life experience and other bullshit stuff even though I think I did good, not great but good and kids also loved me but he didn't say anything was so, so bad before telling me when the month finished that he won't hire me no matter what I did and the reason was also quite lame, something about life experience which I apparently lack. He also said I was too rational and not sensitive enough and that made me laugh so hard that he was confused in the end by my reaction, Made me laugh because everybody knows I'm usually quite the opposite. He sure doesn't know how to read people. He just left me believing everything was ok for a whole month. I regret the fact that it took me so much time and I didn't get to do anything else 'cause I really wanted to do my best. God, how much I hate that man. I hope he burns in hell. The training was not paid but that didn't bother me. :))

Of course I'll find something else soon enough 'cause I need the money. Awful week, awful people and even my laptop is not working anymore, or at least the display is always blank and doesn't want to show the image. But enough with my whining.

At least now I'm stronger and I know when someone is trying to bullshit me. And I've also started to swear ocasionally 'cause you can't always be a lady when life or people insist in giving you crap. Ok I do it in my mind most of the time. :)) In rest, I know I'm not perfect, I did some mistakes in the past which I'm not very proud of and from which I have to suffer some consequences, they are school related but what I know very clear is to avoid people who are not by my side and who don't believe in me no matter what I do right or wrong and no matter how many times I screw something up, 'cause guess what I'm young and I sure enjoy learning from everything and everyone so as the time goes I hope I will be a great person, a better version of me who did a lot of stuff not just someone who didn't grow and remained at the same level as so many people do.

Oh and I also avoid any type of negativism and any sorts of scheme you may put on me to show me how it's better to give up on some things if you're not good enough or if it's not possible, This is stupid and won't work with me because anything is possible, you can do whatever you want and if you're not good enough, be good enough.

My God, I write a lot. :)) So, people, try Future Learn and also Crash Course but the last one is only on YouTube and more like a fun one so still Future Learn is the best. And Coursera is also good. :)

Dancing in Cali (Colombia)

I've found this salsa dancing style and I liked it a lot. Maybe it was also because the location was magic and so the dancers. Who can teach me to dance like this? :)) They look awesome.

Porco Rosso

Unul din putinele filme ale lui Hayao Miyazaki care nu este cu si despre copii. Un film mai matur, mai nostalgic dupa cum imi place mie sa-l descriu. O perioada foarte interesanta si personaje superbe.

Si The Bygone Days of course

On my to watch list is also Makoto Shinkai's new masterpiece: Kimi no Na wa (Your name). The highest rated anime movie these days. 

duminică, 9 octombrie 2016

Poze de pe CD/Photo CD

[RO] La 15 ani paduri cutreieram, ascultam mult rock, era si perioada emo pe atunci si umblam si prin balti dupa cum se vad picioarele mele din a 3-a poza. Like a lady. :)) Era si o Dacie pe acolo dar nu se vede in poza. Aa si tot asa aratam si cand am scris primele postari pe blogul asta, adica prin 2009. Pentru poze din 2016, ma gasiti pe Facebook ca Mess-ul si Hi5-ul s-au demodat demult. Noroc de CD-uri ca nu s-au zgariat si inca mai merg ca altfel nu mai descopeream eu minunatiile astea. :D Oare ce fac fetele de 15 ani din zilele noastre? Sigur nu umbla prin balti ca isi strica pantofii. :D

[EN] When I was 15 years old I used to wander in forests, I listened to rock music all day long, emo trend was also during that time and I also used to walk through puddles as you can see from my feet in the third picture. Like a lady. :)) I was weird. :) There was also an old Dacia there, not Duster of course :)) a 1300 old one but you can't see it in the pictures. Oh, and this is also how I looked like when I first started to write in this blog in 2009. For photos from 2016 you can check my Facebook if you're curious. I'm lucky that I've found an old CD intact so I can show you these memories. I wonder what the 15 years old girls of our days are doing right now? I'm sure they don't walk through puddles anymore as they don't want to ruin their shoes. :D

Aah si citeam mult. Mult mai mult fata de prezent, shame on me. :\
Oh and I used to read a lot back then, something I don't do anymore these days, shame on me. :\


Best TV Show ever. Wonder why I haven't watched it sooner. I am starting season 4 right now so I have a long way 'till the end but it's great and funny.

Aaand I'm here:

I'm Rachel, of course :-p

vineri, 7 octombrie 2016

A Movie :)

I rewatched a great movie called 500 days of summer. I have a love/hate feeling about this movie. It's a really intriguing and not your usual cliche-istic love drama movie but that's why I liked it. It's different and the ending sucks, of course. :)) Oh and it's very realistic, by now you all know that what I watch is always realistic in some way or another.
The guy is great but the girl is strange and not so cool or at least that's how I see it. What's interesting about it is that it shows how people just don't know how to appreciate things in general and I always hated this fact and great guys like this guy from the movie don't come easily so Summer you're weird and wrong. So guys or girls or whatever you are, learn to always appreciate what you see or have or whatever even if you don't like or love that person just appreciate the fact that she or he is still there, listening to you or doing other things and appreciate stuff in general because we are all sick of countless bad, mean, stupid people we meet everyday so be nice or good and try to do your best in everything and I'm sure you can't have any regrets no matter what happens because you simply know you did your best and that's enough. Of course appreciate only when you have something to appreciate not just like that out of nowhere but you should realize this by now if you're a grown-up.

Existential Crisis

I just found this picture yesterday and it triggered so many emotions and past frustrations in me that I just had to write something.

I know I don't even have to think about it 'cause I know I'll do it tomorrow if I'll have all the means or at least a job to sustain myself. Maybe I should rob a bank or live in a tent like a hobo so it will be faster because another year seems like an eternity. I can't believe I'm so out of ideas, first time in so many years, I'm completely clueless and out of any ideas and this is so not me.

Usually I had some kind of solution or at least an alternative for everything and that kept me in a safe place knowing that I'm doing something for a better future for me and good things will eventually come but guess what they never came, well some good things came of course but they weren't really what I wanted or what I imagined and now I just don't know what to do next, I don't have a plan, I don't have any alternatives, I just go with the flow and do what I feel at that moment and I hate it 'cause it never works this way, it never works going with the flow it may work doing what you feel is best for you at the moment, it may work being pragmatic and I sure know it helps a lot to be pragmatic because that at least gets you some kind of security or money the key for all the things that you want in life but for that you have to sacrifice so much time and energy and enthusiasm and youth and your happiness, your mood, your well being, your sanity, your everything.

I sure as hell don't understand those people who feel comfortable in their own bubbles with nothing to disturb their boring lives and their comfort. How could you live like that? Guess that feels quite reassuring and easy, a fake happiness so to speak. People are so happy when they get a job they know they don't like or really want and feel like that is the greatest achievement of their lives, I understand that you need security in your life so that you won't be poor but that's not real happiness and a child or a new car or anything material is also not real happiness and if you continue to stay for many years doing what you don't like that's called fear and laziness and now many moms or future moms will think that I'm insane. :))

Oops, seems like I have some kind of existential crisis going on or how someone will tell me "Just figure out what you really want in life, 'lil girl 'cause it seems like you don't really know what you want." I sure do know but just in some aspects of life, I'm never sure about anything else as I didn't try many things up until now so I can't say that I have many things to choose from 'cause I sure don't and that is why I have to try so many things before getting to do just one thing for the rest of my life.

 In this case traveling the world on a low-budget, living in hostels or providing work in exchange for accommodation and food with people from all around the globe sounds like an interesting idea that I would try as I've met some great people who did it and loved it and changed their lives in so many ways. It may sound a little desperate but it's not like I have many options, I never did, unfortunately and I'm sure I could learn some awesome things from this kind of lifestyle.

In the end my advice for you is to never settle just because it's easier and comfortable and safer, I sure don't know how can you be satisfied with so little knowing how big the world is and how fast we grow old and die. But maybe you're happy like that and just because you never had the chance to see something else you'll of course never want to try something else and that is I have to say really, really sad.

PS: It's a lot easier to do it while you're still young as I think after a while other things get in the way and it becomes harder and harder to just leave it all and go.

joi, 6 octombrie 2016

Seriale de vazut intr-o viata

De ceva ani, am ceva manie sa vad cate un serial bun dar bineinteles ma uit mai mult la cele noi si foarte, foarte bune, de sezon ca sa zic asa. Imi plac cele serioase, mai "greoaie" poate dupa cum am mai auzit de la altii dar la care chiar simti ca nu ti-ai pierdut timpul si la care meditezi mult dupa ce le-ai terminat si cu siguranta nu le nici uiti.
Asta e topul meu de recomandari must see intr-o viata(sunt vazute toate):

Game of Thrones
House M.D (Mi s-a recomandat si Anatomia lui Grey)
Breaking Bad
True Detective(Doar primul sezon ca al doilea e meh si actorii sunt altii)
Better Call Saul
Orange is the new black
The Mentalist

Si un top de ce se merita vazut la TV:
Locked up abroad sau Banged up abroad
L.A Ink si Miami Ink
Asii amanetului de pe History
Garantat 100%

Pe cu totul alt gen si nu neaparat extraordinare in sensul de mind-blowing ca cele de mai sus sunt:
Friends(singurul neterminat de mine)
Sex and the city
Skins UK(recomand doar primele 2 sezoane)
How I Met Your Mother

In categoria desene, comedie, foarte misto si amuzante sunt:
South Park
Family Guy
One Punch Man
Adventure Time

Ce ma tenteaza next:\
Prison Break
Stranger Things
Vinyl (serial romanesc care pare interesant)
 In deriva (tot romanesc, psihologic, pe care chiar mi-as dori sa il vad daca l-as gasi).

Mai dau un edit daca imi mai amintesc ceva dar nu cred, astea sunt. Preferatele mele sunt si vor ramane cele despre droguri si traficantii de droguri Narcos a luat primul loc detinut pana de curand de Breaking Bad din cauza ca e cel mai aproape de realitate serial pe care eu l-am vazut vreodata, inspired by true events aproape 100% cu cateva exagerari pe ici pe colo ca orice serial dealtfel dar in rest foarte, foarte accurate. Aah si o sa vedeti inclusiv poze din realitate cu anumite personaje si evenimente din serialul asta, eu le numesc dovezi, atat de accurate e. Sezonul 3 o sa apara la anul. ;)

Intro-ul de la Narcos e obsesia mea, o melodie pe care nu ti-o mai poti scoate din cap :D

Si un remix interesant dupa piesa.

Mi-as dori sa imi pot sterge memoria ca sa il mai vad o data de la zero fara sa stiu nimic pentru ca are efectiv de toate si pentru ca altul ca asta n-o sa mai gasesc ever. :\
Si poate nu pare asa de extraordinar la prima vedere ca e si in spaniola si spaniola e de multe ori asociata cu seriale naspa gen telenovele dar tot ce pot sa va spun e sa va lasati stereotipurile de orice fel acasa si alte fite pe care le-ati mai avea ca prima impresie inainte de a incepe vizionarea si sa va puneti sa vedeti serialul asta si daca dupa un episod nu va prinde inseamna ca nici Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul sau True Detective nu o sa va placa prea mult ca si alea sunt tot cu traficanti de droguri in cu totul alte contexte si "peisaje" daca pot sa ma exprim asa ca sa nu dau spoilere. :D Sau incercati-le pe celelalte trei daca nu va place asta ca mi se pare efectiv imposibil sa nu fie unul care sa nu va atraga atentia luand in considerare faptul ca sunt serialele cu cel mai mare rating ever de pe piata din toata lumea. Breaking Bad chiar e considerat cel mai tare serial facut vreodata din cauza ca are cel mai mare rating pe care il poate avea un serial iar dupa el cred ca e Game of Thrones si pe locul 3 este True Detective cu actori foarte buni. Si nu incerc sa impresionez cu ratingul si popularitatea lor, le zic doar pentru ca ele chiar isi merita ratingul si popularitatea. Narcos se apropie repejor si el de Breaking Bad ca rating dar inca nu e la fel de cunoscut si popular pentru ca a aparut recent.

marți, 4 octombrie 2016


On my to watch list:

Long the stay of winter home; Dare the stand that which to roam. On foreign shore, on foreign world, All alone without a word On a rainy day, busied street, The chance acclaim on stranger's greet.

Lost in Translation Movie

Very strange the moment when you have all the right to act surprised or to be mad at something or someone but you simply can't because you know the reasons are all so logical, clear and realistic that it's stupid to think otherwise and either way it would be fake and you wouldn't believe it yourself if you tried to go against it, a very strange but liberating feeling at the same time, maybe it should have happened sooner but we were both not brave enough to face it. :-P However, thank God that I'm a smart girl, otherwise I would have missed a lot of awesome things and people. (modesta :D). Si da scriu in engleza mai mult ca e mai cool si pentru ca asa imi place mai mult.

Cine ghiceste de unde este luat citatul de mai sus ii fac cinste cu ce vrea de baut. Incepe cu T si deja am spus prea multe. Daca googleuiti nu se pune. :-p