miercuri, 30 noiembrie 2016

Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) - Edited

Best movie ever. I'm so glad I've seen it a couple of weeks before, when I actually had time on my hands. :)) I try my very best to do all the things that I want besides work, social life, some unfinished business from last year(long story) :D and personal hobbies and I'm really amazed how I manage to do them all. What I really don't have time to anymore is to read my favourite books, have some personal time just for myself, anime&manga, any kind of games(I used to play Hearthstone) and work out eventually but I'll have to also make time for those, give up some hobbies or TV series and work out instead because I need to be more healthy, I need to keep fit somehow that meaning bringing food to work instead of being very hungry when I get back home, always after 8pm. And I'm thinking of switching to more vegan food as much as I can. Weekends are just not the same, I try to sleep more in weekends, hopefully but still they're disappearing like magic. I feel like I'm changing so much that I don't even recognize myself from how I was in September and by that I don't mean physically, physically I am exactly the same person with a couple of pounds less but it's ok as long as it's less and not more. Perfectionist problems. I may actually become a more responsible person and that's some big achievement for me. And I even have time to write in a blog and be active on social media, like hey can I be more multitasking than that? :)) I can't wait for 2017 to come because I'm ready for a fresh new start.

First things first, I wanted to talk about Kimi no Na wa or Your Name translated in English from Japanese. One of my all time wishes was to also learn some japanese but nobody has time for that anymore, at least not me. :)) However, this movie is awesome.

Here's a short synopsis from My Anime List website: 
Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl, yearns to live the life of a boy in the bustling city of Tokyo—a dream that stands in stark contrast to her present life in the countryside. Meanwhile in the city, Taki Tachibana lives a busy life as a high school student while juggling his part-time job and hopes for a future in architecture.

One day, Mitsuha awakens in a room that is not her own and suddenly finds herself living the dream life in Tokyo—but in Taki's body! Elsewhere, Taki finds himself living Mitsuha's life in the humble countryside. In pursuit of an answer to this strange phenomenon, they begin to search for one another.

Kimi no Na wa. revolves around Mitsuha and Taki's actions, which begin to have a dramatic impact on each other's lives, weaving them into a fabric held together by fate and circumstance.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Next on my to watch list is another high rated anime movie, on someone's recommendation, another anime&manga fan out there and also a reader of my blog. Thank you for reading my blog and I'll definitely see it soon. And also thank you for the Monster recommendation. ;) The anime movie is called Koe no Katachi and it has a 9.05 on myanimelist.net and trust me this means a lot.


Ishida Shouya bullies a deaf girl, Nishimiya Shouko, to the point that she transfers to another school. As a result, he is ostracized and bullied himself with no friends to speak of and no plans for the future.

This is the story of his path to redemption.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Happy mini-holiday for those who have 5 free days this week. :-p Cheers!

Later Edit: I've talked to one of my former University colleagues and I'm just amazed by how sad the situation is at the University right now especially for the Master programmes. Not only they had no competition at all, they remained with so many free available places for Master that they were quite desperate to try and pursue any final year student to register just because they had places. And not only that but the students aren't coming at all at the very few lectures or seminars and teachers are quite desperate but they can't do anything about it so they work with 3, max. 4 students and that's it. That's so lame and sad at the same time. But I'm not suprised at all considering the fact that everybody wanted to leave this city as soon as possible for a better life after Uni. I've also seen a tank like an actual army tank on the streets and I was like wtf is going on. Me and everybody else. (Please excuse my expression but that's exactly what I was thinking). I was sad because I didn't have the chance to actually take a picture of it, wondering the streets. Maybe next time. Or how about no, no, no next time.

luni, 28 noiembrie 2016

Urma (Edited)

Hey, hey look what I've found. Do you remember this?? :D I had to post it because I always liked this song. It's from a very old Romanian song with a very strong message behind it. This version is readapted to our modern days and times(actually it's from 2012, this song) but still the message is kept the same and in the lyrics you'll see a combination of Romanian language with English. The message is "Who loves and leaves should be punished by God". The old version sounds like an incantation or a spell/curse and I know it's kind of creepy and I'm really not a religious person at all(our churches and priests are all a big scam, all of them) but I still like this song. Hope you'll like it, too. :-p

This song is inspired by one of our myths and is also very good. We have our great bands and artists but they are very old right now and not many people remember or know about them, unfortunately. The new ones are also great, some of them but they just express a different kind of feeling, it's just not the same.

It's this Romanian myth: http://enciclopediaromaniei.ro/wiki/Zbur%C4%83tor (Sorry, but I can't find an English version of it and either way it's more authentic leaving it like that) :)

Later Edit: This post also reminded me of those people who've been through a lot of things in life, who have seen so many things and places and known so many people that when you talk with them you can debate on any kind of subject or topic and they are just so resourceful that you are just amazed by them. Furthermore, their eyes are so full of wisdom and knowledge and kindness that all you can do is listen to their stories and nod and be amazed. They are like open encyclopedias, that's how I like to call them. Have you met someone like this? I didn't but I'm still searching and I hope I'll be one of them too when I'll be old enough. :D

duminică, 27 noiembrie 2016

Rock on Weekend

The weather outside where I live calls for some good music, for some good SOAD and Rammstein music for the sake of good old times. And for these guys too who became my new obsession, don't know for how long but it doesn't matter, for now they are just great and I have a certain someone to thank for bringing them to me. :D

The girls are young, a little dumb and they're going it alone. Well, of course they are.

Eating seeds is the best time activity, the toxicity of our city, of our city, la la la (I know this album by heart for a looong time and always come back to it whenever I feel like it and that's when I know that I'm happy :D)

And this one is pure gold

In other news it's funny how everybody knows everybody. It happens a lot when you live in a rather small city where everybody kind of knows everybody. So when you're going somewhere the probability to be recognized by someone is very high especially if it's also the same city where you've been born haha. Things become weird when you're recognized even by the random bus driver and you just can't remember from where or when and you just sit there and try to remember like really, really hard but you just can't.  -_-
Next week is Romania's national day, the first of December and everybody has 2 free days so I'm going to work only on Monday and Tuesday next week and after that I have 5 free days including also the weekend. I can't wait for my best friend to come from Bucharest to catch up on things and go to some concerts because you know, the tradition, actually you might not know. (In my city there are some concerts each and every year, this time of the year, so that's the tradition, actually we're waiting only for BUG Mafia because the other ones are just to lame to watch) and I'm also going to try a salsa party, something I never tried before with my former University classmate just to get out of my comfort zone a little bit so I can't wait. It will definitely be a lot of fun these days or so I hope. 

Tomorrow I have to adult again and I don't want to, like I know I should grow up and don't stay all Sunday in pyjamas when it's 6 pm but it'll have to wait. Don't get me wrong because I really love my job but Mondays, you know. I'm just like this cat below on Mondays, haha. I'm also completely rethinking my life plans for next year(my dream is my dream and I've been pursuing it since I was 17 and nothing can stop me and everybody knows this by now that I'm very stubborn in general, haha), I can't say anything right now because it's just too early and I still don't have a strong back up plan but I'm hoping for next year, don't know exactly when, though. Still patience has been and it still is my greatest enemy since forever but I won't do anything without a strong back up plan because I'm not that stupid or crazy or whatever. I just hope my boss doesn't read my blog. Fingers crossed. :))

Furthermore, I really don't know why I'm writing all these stuff online, like who cares? :)) Or I rather say, why would I share so many personal stuff online? Well, I don't know, I try not to but I just can't help it and I'm getting used to it and I also don't care about what other people might say or think about me, I never did. And I also don't care if it's old-fashioned to be still writing in any type of blog, be it blogspot or not. Maybe I like to inspire others like others did for me in the past? Maybe. :-p

This cat is so meee :))

Hope you had a great weekend and don't forget to work really hard for what you want. Cheers! ;)
You can see that I'm a girl because I just can't stop talking and talking. :))

marți, 22 noiembrie 2016

Moonlight Breakfast

I don't remember if I've posted about these guys yet but I'll do it now, either way. I've discovered them in September and I'm quite obsessed with them since then. They are simply amazing, they have everything, good looks, great voice, great tune, like everything and you'll see soon why. I can't believe they are Romanians. :D Proud of them.

My fav is this one :D

I always dance to this song :))

And last but not least is this beauty (beautiful girl, beautiful song) :)


duminică, 20 noiembrie 2016


I've been listening to this for quite some time because it always gives me that fuzzy feeling, I mean it's so sweet, the video and also the song. :)) This is especially for the readers who have been in this situation and I feel bad for you if you actually were in this situation. Poor guy, but however I always thought that everybody deserves their share of happiness in every way possible in this not so pink life so you should be happy too and also very glad for somebody else's happiness, so don't spoil their happiness when you could actually enjoy it with them or I don't know at least try to enjoy it. :)) Everybody deserves to be happy in their own way. I also deserve to be not happy but very happy and you too deserve the same. Good luck! ^_^

sâmbătă, 19 noiembrie 2016

Crazy, cool stuff

I find this song creepy-weird, oddly compelling but at the same time I can't stop watching it. I know, I'm usually very weird myself. :D

And this is another rapper to put on your long list. A very funny one. He reminds me of G-Eazy a little in some of his songs, don't judge. :))

The madam with the big house was such a sweetheart, letting them borrow her house for these kind of things, haha, poor woman, she sure didn't know exactly for what. I wouldn't let them if I had that house. :))

And for the girls I have some Katy B

Oh, I almost forgot. My mother likes Bruno Mars because he's handsome so this song is for her. :-p

Get the 80s vibe

Who needs sleep when it's the weekend? :))

 Much Later Edit in 2017: New Retro Wave is amazing once you discover it because that breakup hurt like hell man. Now looking into perspective and really moving on, I can see all the changes and emotions and again changes and bad decisions, boys etc. I went through to finally feel ok right now and really ready for something new so yeah it hurt like hell. I admit it because now I'm healed. Time really helps so give it time, as much as it needs. :) And no, it's not like you need to find someone else to move on, you just need time to heal your soul, that's all.

miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2016

One day

Buh-bye my old laptop, actually it wasn't that old, only 3 years old but broken forever. :\
I've seen this movie "One day" a long time ago and I really liked it. It's very cute, reminded me of someone who I think he's exactly like this guy from the movie, like the same personality. :D I also recommend "Love and Other Drugs" only if you like this genre.

Don't know when I'll post next, December will be crazy, hope I'll be strong enough for what's coming next month. :\ Wish me luck, I'll so need it. I sure know I won't be the same person starting next year after December, haha. 

marți, 8 noiembrie 2016


These are my favourites and on repeat, repeat, repeat.

A piece of art, if you know the game Limbo, you'll see a resemblance to it. 

May the strongest win. I always like to say this like I always like to say always. :D

Good message on this one. ;)

And this is how many marriages are like today

And this one. To be honest I like all his songs the same so I'll stop here. He looks good even as a woman haha. :))

luni, 7 noiembrie 2016

About Multilevel Marketing or how not to be fooled

First things first watch the next video with John Oliver because he explains very well this concept and after that read my opinion about it. He's also very funny, so a big plus. ;) I won't be funny.

In my country and especially where I live, like in a small city with many poor people and this is not the real problem because it's not like I'm rich or something, the real problem is that they are not very bright, they are very naive people, not all of them, but the majority, they don't like to think that much, they don't wonder or question anything, they just go with what you give them so they have quite a primitive mentality many still in that communism feeling so these companies like Avon or Oriflame and especially Herbalife work the best in my area because many people don't have jobs or a perspective in life or they have very lame jobs and they are depressive or they just don't want much from life so building a family is enough for them and also unfortunately they don't have opportunities to see something else, corruption is like everywhere and they will take almost anything they think will resemble a job so it's very easy to fool them and make them any kind of representative of any of the above "so-called companies". It's like the same thing Herbalife do with the Latinos in America so you can get an image. The big problem is they won't disappear, of course because the demand is high so no chances for that to happen. I see Herbalife, Avon or Oriflame representatives everywhere I live and I'm just sick of those men in suits and their sweet talk so I had to post this. They target especially women because the products are cosmetics and if it's Herbalife if you're fat and poor it's a big plus for them because they can fool you more easily because you are probably also desperate. I know, it's sad but it works out well, unfortunately. When I was in high-school, my schoolmates and every girl's first "job" was to be a representative of one of these companies because we're the easiest to fool when we're young. I wasn't interested because I didn't like makeup or cosmetics back then and usually I had other hobbies but still I'm amazed by how many people are fooled and lured into these illegal, pyramid shaped scheme companies. The pyramid shaped scheme is awful and if you're caught in it not only you won't get any money, you'll probably lose some too, so don't gamble your money on this hoax companies, especially when you have so little. It's not worth it but it's hard to talk some sense into somebody's head when they are desperate and have children at home to feed or sick parents or many other problems they could have in their lives. Hope this post will help, but I'm sure will help only those who have ears to hear and mind to think, the others are long lost. Take care and don't promote anymore these "so-called legitimate companies." 

Later Edit: This also reminds me of those Motivational Speakers but they aren't all a fraud, I like to think some are quite ok or so I hope. :D

duminică, 6 noiembrie 2016

Give me more time

I need a day between Saturday and Sunday or a day between Sunday and Monday so I can actually feel that it's weekend. I'm sure you, the reader feel the same. :-p I've mentioned Gambino in the Long Live the Chief post but I think he also deserves a special post. After him, try Stromae too, he's also a genius, and a very talented  guy.

I recommend good headphones for the last song. :D

And this song is like every guy's problem and don't deny it 'cause you know you're all thinking the same, sometimes. Most of you like those bad, dumb or manipulative bitches or you had moments when you've liked them. Ntz, ntz, very predictable. :-p


vineri, 4 noiembrie 2016

Funny moments

Today at work was like: "Are you fourteen?"
                                        "Did you come here to study with us?"
                                        "Why aren't you at school at this hour?" or at home because I finish late after 8 pm. And "Are you lost?" if it's after 8 pm.
And many more but I don't remember them all right now.
But the one and only that really surprised both me and my colleague teacher is the one when a very little student of her asked her exactly this question:
"Is Claudia your child?" :)) I have to mention that she is also very young. It's very funny how some try to apologize later. :)
I told you it is fun where I work and each day is different so I'm never bored, especially with all the misunderstandings surrounding me, each and every day of my life. I'm always saying nothing can surprise me anymore with regards to how people react to my age versus my appearance until something unexpected happens again and again and again. Never say you've seen it all because you never know, Never say never. -_-

(Hope you realise this pic is modified, though :))

Happy weekend!
 Later Edit: Criminal Minds is also a good TV Series, currently on my to-watch list.

joi, 3 noiembrie 2016

Bang Bang

Bang, bang, he shot me down,
Bang, bang, I hit the ground
Bang, bang, that awful sound
Bang Bang

He didn't take the time to lie
Bang, bang
I may be young but I have an old soul or so I like to think about myself. :)

(I know, it's not Nancy, but just another Beauty worth mentioning)
Can't wait for Saturday with my favourite single ladies. I so need this.

marți, 1 noiembrie 2016

Mistral Gagnant

I have my moments when I like to listen to some french songs but those moments are so rare that this special song deserved a special blog post. I like this version more. I didn't know she was québécoise. Very cool. ;)

And the official video for the song, here:

A good advice for you is to remember that You always, always deserve the best. And by the best I mean what's the best for you not for somebody else's. That's why you should know yourself first before deciding what's the best for you. I've learned this the hard way like all the other things, in general. (Of course you should think this way only if you're a good person, otherwise I don't know, not my business anymore :)) But this is very important, no matter what others say or think about you, it's essential and very important to know that you deserve the best. The best for you. With this mindset I'm sure the results we'll be better than before and you'll surprise yourself. It's not selfishness or any other crap you may hear it is from others it's just the right mindset to succeed in anything, of course besides some high self-esteem and trust in yourself.  And it's not braging about something because you never say it out loud, it's just knowing in your mind, just for yourself that you deserve the best, always helps. You only get what's good from everything and just leave all the rest behind. and move on. You should always move on, never stay in anything for too long, you can't evolve like that. It works with me all the time it also motivates me a lot. Even when everything seems bad, it can't be everything bad, it always has something good in it, you just have to find that good thing and take it, preferably before someone else's only if it's the case and move on to something even greater and that's it. Never stop. As simple as that. And don't miss certain steps, that's also very important, all the tiny steps must be taken at the right time. Also something I've learned the hard way because of my general impatience in everything. :)) It's never a quick, easy way, it's just the long but certain way and also safer way, I think. Just my two cents. :)

Oh, I almost forgot about this one. It was the hit in 2014, like really THE HIT and you'll understand soon why. Works well with the weekend.

And properly appreciate the weekend whenever you have it because you'll regret it later. Cheers! :D