marți, 31 ianuarie 2017

High School's memories (Edited)

When you have one of the most hectic days at work and you try to stay put and nearly at the end of the day, the last hour, I see my Romanian language and literature teacher from my high school: "Al.I.Cuza" National High School come with her little girl of 2 years old, her first child Flavia at Helen Doron English and you see her between all the new parents and children. It was truly a very emotional moment, at least I was emotional because I finished high school 3 years ago, almost 4 years, in 2013 and she was my favourite teacher back then and I haven't seen her since I finished High School in 2013. We were both glad to see each other and she told me that I look exactly the same, haven't changed a bit. She also looks exactly the same as I remember her. And now I'll see her two times a week so I'll remember my high school years quite a lot. :)) ^_^
And that's how I left with a big smile on my face and not a zombie as I expected to and I still have the big smile on my face right now, don't know when I'll come back to normal but I'm sure it will take me a while. :D
This song is for the High School years and all the memories ;)
Cheers! Still grinning :D
Later Edit: In Bucharest there are a lot of protests and to be honest it was about time for the people to be not angry but very angry with this country, I feel like I have to leave sooner than expected so I won't be trapped in anything else I don't want to. :-p
Later, later edit: In all cities now there are protests but I don't think we need to be peaceful in protests, I'll always encourage violent protests because nothing will change otherwise like nothing changed after the Colectiv event where hundreds of young people died on the dance floor in a rock concert burnt alive in the club because there just weren't any fire extinguishers and no windows. Like can you believe that? They were like the jews in gas chambers but worse because when the fire started from the fireworks the building had only one small door that didn't open until it was too late so they burned alive. Search on google about "Colectiv" and you'll have nightmares afterwards. And guess what, another club burned with people in it a few days ago and still nothing changed and now it's about politics and the people they brought in there, don't know much about it and don't care 'cause I know and we all know nothing will ever change because we're protesting peacefully and not violent as we should. For example, going in their rich buildings and by this I mean the Government and breaking their comfort so they'll be afraid of us and leave. Nope, we're such a bunch of pussies, we've always been. We like to struggle our whole lives on nothing and afterwards we wonder why we're so unhappy and depressed and grumpy when we're old and tired. :\ 

marți, 24 ianuarie 2017

Cooking music

Now I know from where Gwen Stefani got one of her looks

And this one is for my struggles in the kitchen, you'll never understand. Soldier of food. :-D

Bon appétit!

Pe asta cu dedicatie ;)

vineri, 20 ianuarie 2017


I had to write a special post for these girls too because they are amazing. ;)

And that's it, enjoy it 'cause I have stuff to do. Zbye! :D

Weekend Music

Finally it's weekeeeeend so I've put together a kind of playlist with party songs. Told you I like diversity in my music so I listen to almost every genre depending on the mood I'm in and as long as it is of good taste. ;)

So here's the playlist for this weekend before I get back to what I have to do
My favourites are this one, the first one and the last three.


Cheers! ;)

duminică, 15 ianuarie 2017

La La Land and Hooverphonic for relaxing Sundays

I'm not at all into musicals, they're usually too perfect and pure and cheesy for me but this movie changed my mind after I've seen the too perfect, pure, beautiful first part of it, the second part of it I enjoyed it quite a lot, because it becomes more realistic and I have to thank Hollywood for the perfect not happy but realistic ending. I enjoyed so much that ending because it was not the typical happily ever after ending, it was just exactly what I wanted and hoped for that I have to give special thanks to Hollywood for this abnormality. People were disappointed by it, I was extatic about it and my favourite part of the whole movie, bittersweet is my middle name. :)) That's why I recommend it. I always encourage or try to encourage people to follow their biggest dreams, to pursue them and turn them into reality and leave the love no matter how genuine and beautiful can be, to leave it all behind, it's the wisest choice you can ever make in your life, trust me I know what I say because I always did it and I know everybody can do it. I don't think there's biggest happiness in the world than seeing how your dreams come true. Who knows how to properly listen and has an open heart and especially an open mind can do it. It doesn't mean that there are no sacrifices, no compromising, oho it's all about a lot of these stuff and many, many sleepless nights and extra hours but still I think it's so worth it in the end.

I also like Hooverphonic quite a lot, alongside with "Roads" from Portishead of course.
This is what I like to call music from another world. :)

Is it? :)) Of course not, faithful reader of mine blog. (It's not a mistake, it's a subtle Shakespeare reference there)


vineri, 13 ianuarie 2017

I'm Rachel Green

Nothing special just...
 Will always love this photo. :D
However, do you remember this song? Who remembers it deserves a special cookie and a hug. It's a very special song. I also deserve a big hug, I always do because I'm a special, adorable, cute, smart, very funny snowflake. :-P Just, don't mind me.

I realised that I'm Rachel Green from Friends in so many aspects. :)) And I know it's not something to be very proud of as she's quite a shallow and materialistic character. At least she's charismatic and very funny. For example look at this short video below to see how this is so, soooo me. Sometimes it's cool to want the world to be in your hands. I mean, why not? :) Ok, now I'm just saying stupid, random things again. Click the link below. Just click it, it's not a virus, even if it looks strange.

And I'm curious about the Big Bang Theory series, House of Cards and American Horror Stories forgot to put these on my to-watch list of TV Series. Won't have time for them though, I'm just very curious about them, that's all.
Stay warm and Cheers, as always! :)
Don't know who this Anna Benson lady is but I love this quote. Goes the same way with this is not for you any kind of stuff, thought I could leave it here just in case. :-P

marți, 10 ianuarie 2017

Classy is better or how less is more

Watch this:

And this beautiful lady. Quite obsessed with her right now but I'm sure for not too long because I like diversity in music :)

And Mister Strange Name again ;)

luni, 9 ianuarie 2017

Bruxelles, part 2

Talking with one of my colleagues from work today about Belgium I realised I didn't finish my whole story from the previous post even though I know it was a long post. What happened afterwards is very interesting and made me do a lot of different things I wouldn't normally do and who knows me well for a long time can confirm it.

Well I forgot to mention an important thing from my last posts that I was the only Romanian there at that University so I kind of not only represented the University but also the whole country. It sounds like I'm bragging but it's quite important for what I'm about to tell you next. Oh I remembered I heard only once when I was there the Romanian language and it was from a girl who was doing her Phd there and she was also surprised when she heard me and we talked a lot soon afterwards because it was very unusual and very rare to meet a Romanian there because there just weren't any. :))

However what I wanted to say is that what happened afterwards when I went back home at my University surprised me big, big time. I saw the real face of all the French teachers, they were all very jealous, asked me a lot of unnecessary questions, told me that how come I had such bad grades, I also failed some French exams and that I ruined the University reputation by going there by myself, those were the exact words, that I ruined the University reputation by going there. That pissed me off so hard that I stirred everything up and had a fight with almost every french teacher, one from English too because hey they talk with each other even though they are different departments and they made me retake the exams all the time until I thought that I'll never be able to finish my studies. Of course the students were also stupid and jealous. Trust me, when I'm very pissed I can turn the whole not just Faculty but the whole University upside down and expose stuff if I want to I don't care if you're the Dean or Obama. It wasn't the Dean by the way. :-P. I'll definitely find something bad, I always do because  I'm a great observer. That's when I don't think about my own good and interest. And I was also pissed not only by some teacher's attitude but also by their stupid way of teaching, they aren't real passionate teachers, they're just bored with life teachers.

This is not fairplay and this is not something you should do to a student who usually learns and wants to learn and I'm talking only about a certain French teacher who did this, made me retake each and every exam I had with her , one of them took it 2 times, kept me until the very, very end that I sweared I'll go scratch her car or do something very bad after I'll finish everything. And that's how I grew sick and tired of everything and everyone and decided to not continue with a Master's degree even if my parents were very dissapointed because I didn't continue, but I'll never ever continue at least not here, because when I made up my mind, I made up my mind and you can't convince me of anything else.

And that's why I am quite a pain in the ass right now with everyone, kind of bitchy and very cold and sarcastic and I act like I'm sick and tired of everything and everyone without even trying to be nice because I can't be the same nice person as before and I don't open up, I know I did it here because it's easier behind a screen but I usually don't like to complain or to open up to anyone. And now I hope I cleared things up that I'm not like this only because I was dumped by my boyfriend I had for the last 5 years be it long-distance, it was something we discussed for a long, long time either way, on and off all the time that we kind of both couldn't wait to just finish it all, but he really chose the worst moment ever to do it, lol :)) of course he couldn't know beforehand that I was fired from my first job where I worked quite hard being the first one for a month for free, because all happened in the exactly same day, that was just a very bad day and nothing else. And I felt relieved and nothing else, don't imagine something else because it wasn't anything else, relief, that's the only thing I felt even if the day was how it was. And at least we still have our mutual respect.

At least I had cake because it was my mother's birthday, ha. The saddest birhday party ever, I ruined the festive moment for everyone with my great news, sorry about that. :( Everybody has bad days sometimes but it's not the real reason, the real reason are all the stupid things that happened to me in my last year of University.

Cheers! :) 

duminică, 8 ianuarie 2017

Bruxelles, my love(Edited)

I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. I have folders with photos from each and every place I've been and trust me they are a looot. I never ever watch them because it hurts to remember awesome things, hard to explain why but maybe you'll understand it somehow but today I couldn't resist and I opened, all of them for the first time after 2 years and maaan I can't explain the feeling but I saw them with completely different eyes. I remembered how unprepared, scared and hopeless I was back then, how many stupid mistakes I did, how many things I lost because of my mistakes and I'm laughing so hard right now. Two years is not much, I know (or better said 3 years because 2017), but for me it seems like an eternity because a lot of things happened in such a short period of time. That's why I was so unprepared and scared back then. It was just too much to handle for me from every point of view and it was all very fast, way too fast in comparison with what I've been used to back home but God how helpful everything was and it doesn't matter anymore because I did it. I'm not ashamed to tell you this because from this state I grew as a person later on. How much everything helped me to grow and to change me later on, how much it helped me to become the strong person I am today, how much it changed my whole perception about everything in life, it's just amazing. And how many things I have yet to accomplish, there are so many that I wonder if one life is enough for all of them. Yep, this is me. :) I'm wishing only for health, I just want to be healthy enough for a long period of time, so I'll be able to do them all, I don't need anything else. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way, you can never be the only one, it's never like this. :-p Other things will come with time, hopefully. Everything that happened afterwards, everything helped me to become the person I am today so that's why I can't stop, I'll never stop until I'm satisfied with everything. Now I just feel that nothing can scare or surprise me anymore(hope I'm wrong on the last one) I have absolutely no fears at all, no shame, no shyness, no feelings, no nothing, I'm like a statue because nothing moves me anymore and I feel like I really can do anything. I gained that trust in myself I so much needed it, and everything helped me, especially this job I'm having right now.
I miss these guys
I was left behind all the time because I just had to take photos of everything, I'm the one with the let's take a photo of this and of that and oh, of this too :))

This photo is funny because I didn't know who this guy is, he just appeared in my photo from who knows where, I just wanted to take a pic of the Stella Artois restaurant. I told you I took pics of literally everything, and in many photos because I was in the streets, random people appeared and looked at my camera smiling or doing strange faces or acting surprised who knows why :))

I only regret one thing though. It's because I missed the reunion in Prague last year and it wasn't a good reason to miss it but meh, what can you do. Life goes on.
This is from the Thanksgiving Party with the teachers and all the staff, American style because I also had an American Culture and Civilization course, my favourite one. 
 From when I had a funny beany and soon after these photos, I've lost it in the train because I was a commuter, I lived far from the LLN. 
I even have a photo from when I had my hand burned, like my whole right hand with hot oil when I was frying something :)) I told you I'm a terrible cook.
Oh and this is from when I visited the European Comission, I actually went inside it, long story, actually no, it's not at all a long story but it's not important how and why. This building is something else, I forgot what it was. :D
I was so tired, I can't describe how tired I was, being the last days there and it was like 6 or 7 in the morning and having a lot of paperwork to sort out at the Embassy, at school also, and a lot of stuff. A thing I didn't like about Erasmus in general, they make you fill in so many boring paperwork, ugh but it's important, it's very important because the money you receive for the scholarship comes from the European Comission, the building you can see below and these people are very cautious with everything, they check and know everything about you, before they let you in, kind of scary. I was told I'm not allowed to take pics once I'm inside but ups, I got out with this one. Should have been scolded but hey it was just a pic. I was surprised by how many Romanians were there, quite a few, none of them in their 20's, because it kind of takes you a lifetime to just be able to get selected to work in there, many, many tests, written, oral, psychological ones and many interviews awaits you if you want to work there, not saying about the annual tests and the competition from all around Europe you have each and every year, because they kind of change people every year, nothing safe, no matter how good you are, it's always someone better in all Europe than you :)), some kind of genius, prodigy child or I don't know, I really felt like a 'lil child because that's what I was and still am, haha. Of course I'm still a 'lil child. :-P And to brag even more because I like to brag about myself I was on the 7th floor if I remember it well and not only the 7th floor came to meet the little sister but also a lot of people of the 6th, the 5th and the 4th floor(from the 3rd floor on there are the really big ones that very few people are allowed to see or meet, you know like in the movies ;)) came just to talk with me and to meet me in person, taking turns entering the office I was in, including the boss who was a woman and also a Romanian. Power to the women, haha! Now feminazis will love me. But now seriously, if this doesn't make you feel like an important person, I don't know what will. They thought at first I was older not 10 years younger(actually 9years and 10 months younger) but hey you can't blame them as me and my brother, we look like twins. However, I can't say things about their security there, another thing that catched my eye at first because I don't want to get in trouble but imagine it somewhat like in the movies, kind of, but however, I can tell you not to stare at those people with big guns near the main trains and subways in Bruxelles because if you stare for too long you'll become suspicious and they will come at you and start asking questions like who you are and where are you from and what are you doing there and where are you going and if you wait for someone.  They were way too frightened by terrorits and terrorism in general, at least when I was there they were, I don't know now, but I'm sure they're the same all the time because they perfom fire alarms checks 2 or sometimes 3 times a day so you can imagine they are quite paranoid all the time, so you'll have to deal with that too. Good luck! :) I still wonder if I made a good impression on them, quite a lot of people and if my language skills were good enough because usually there, people spoke at least 3 foreign languages at an advanced level so I dunno, I just hope I didn't look or acted stupid or dumb like I sometimes do, ugh. Have mercy please, I was only a 20-year-old pupil then, almost a 21 because it was on February 2015 but however, I have a lot to learn. Remember how you were at 20, you the big ones. -_-
And many, many other things but not enough time to talk about them all.
Call me lucky but I'll laugh because I'm never, ever lucky, for me a good thing always comes with a bad thing it's never just a good thing and that's it, it's always accompanied by something very bad and if you only saw the good things that's because those are the only stuff I've shown online on fb and everywhere, only the good stuff, but you don't know my struggles, my problems and many other personal stuff because you're not living with me and either way only the closed ones, usually from the family know about them :D and that's why I laugh when people are jealous of me because an awesome thing happened to me and they think I am lucky, haha, nope, I'm never lucky, I just had many other bad stuff before, things you didn't experienced or you could never imagined because you're not living in my shoes so maybe karma has its own way to give me something very good sometimes when it's needed and it's also because I fricking work very hard to get somewhere, nothing comes to me for free or from someone. And never wish to have somebody else's life because that life will come also with different problems you could never expect or anticipate beforehand and you might regret it a lot, that's something I heard from a teacher. Words of wisdom. Remember that you always get what you deserve from life and if you received something very bad, soon something good will happen, life's very fair, it gives you exactly what you deserve at the exact right moment and it compensates later if you really deserve it. That's why if I don't work, or if I don't do the right thing, what I want will never come and nobody can help me with what I want. And maybe you thought you did the right thing but maybe it just wasn't the right thing for you so you still won't get what you want. :) Romanians are so used to receive stuff from others, to be helped all the time by their parents, their relatives, their friends, to be lazy, to have their life as easy as possible because easier means better when in fact easier means worse, you'll never grow from an easy life, comfortable life. But I get that, I understand this because as my parents said we were poor for a very long time, especially in the communism period and our attitude acts acording to those many poor years we experienced, well the elder ones experienced it not my generation but however, because we missed a lot of things, now that we have them all, we'll of course want an easier, comfortable life, we'll want to show our value through things we own, by having a great house and expensive things or expensive cars and who has more money, has more value because we're tired of poverty and problems, we just want to be like the others, like how we've seen in the more developed countries. But we'll never be like them, like the others because we can't think like them. It's because we're still thinking like the poor ones and when we finally have more money, something we're not used to, we become cocky and don't think straight anymore, kind of losing your mind but in another manner. :) It's like a vicious circle. I don't think a Romanian will ever say oh now that I have so much money I'll just give them all to charity and keep for me only what's necessary and live with only that and oh I won't show that I'm a millionaire by wearing expensive things and driving expensive cars, I will be humble and look like a normal person even though I'm a millionaire. Nope, you'll never hear that from a Romanian. I know I wouldn't say that. :))
Furthermore, it's better to just stop looking at somebody else's life and just live your own life and stop complaining, I hate that. I sometimes do it too but I stop immediately when I realise it because it's just so lame to complain. Take what's good from everything, leave all the rest behind and just move on!

Now this is what I like to call a looong post. Have fun reading it, I enjoyed writing it. Sorry because I don't use paragraphs when I write I know it's easier to read it in paragraphs. Cheers! ;)

I like Dua Lipa a lot. She also has an interesting life story before she became famous. I like a good story. :)

sâmbătă, 7 ianuarie 2017

For Kids

I see a field of hopes and dreams :)

This reminded me of something and what I'll say will not be liked or agreed by everyone but that's not the point of my blog to please somebody, anybody. What I wanted to say that I don't encourage you to give birth to babies just because you're hitting a certain age or just because the society tells you too or because of your partner's pressure. The planet is overpopulated either way and we don't need more children, especially unhappy ones. A child won't solve your personal issues, a child won't solve your marriage problems and a child won't make you feel like you did something significant in your life if you don't know how to love them, to be by their side all the time and to properly raise them. A lot of people are just not made to be parents and that's completely ok, it's not a shame, it's completely fine, maybe they should fulfill their career, or travel or do a lot of different things like pursuing their dreams and desires rather than be a parent just because they're hitting a certain age.  And I'm also sure for many they feel like they could have done many other things in their life but hey, they can't do it anymore because children. Of course nobody ever regrets bringing a child to the world, a child is not something you can ever regret be it in any kind of situation but I'm sure a lot of people do it just because of the society's pressure or because everybody does it so they feel like they should try it too or just because they feel like they don't have anything else to do with their lives and they need someone to give them purpose to live on.  That's just so sad. A lot of respect from me goes to those people who know themselves very well and realised they won't be good parents because of a lot of different reasons and they decide to not make one in spite of all the pressure from others. That's what it means to be a responsible adult, knowing what's best for you and acting according to that. Now come on, I'm waiting for the tomatoes, be it rotten ones or not. ;)


miercuri, 4 ianuarie 2017

She's on fire!

I re-watched Scarface last night and maaaan, what a good movie. I like this scene a lot, always makes me laugh, the full of confidence Tony Montana. Savage! :)))

I know it's not really a blog post but I don't care, I have to share my enthusiasm or better said love for this movie. 

marți, 3 ianuarie 2017

Domnul nume ciudat/Mister strange name

[RO] Am primit piesa asta si am ascultat-o toata dimineata, aveam de gand initial sa postez despre altceva dar pana la urma o pun si pe asta ca e prea, prea fabulous, nu stiu cum sa o descriu. Are un nume ciudat cantaretul asa ca o sa ii zic domnul nume ciudat. :D
[EN] I've just received this song from someone and I've listened to it all morning without stoping, I initially wanted to post about something else but it doesn't matter anymore because this song and clip are just too fabulous, hard to describe it. The singer has a strange nickname so I'm gonna call him Mister strange name, it sounds funnier in Romanian but however. :))

[RO] Masina din clip e genul de masina in care mi-as dori sa invat sa conduc :)
[EN] The black car from the video is the kind of car in which I'll want to learn how to drive :)

 [RO] Du, du, du du Si-mi vad de drum, prin foc si fum, si-mi vad de drum, nu ma opresc acum
[EN] He's saying that he's going his own way, he's following his own path through fire and smoke, he's going his own way even though the ending is quite disturbing, True Detective's style :D But no, seriously now, this is not cool, don't do this at home, it's quite obvious why. Kids, please don't read my blog, stay away from my blog :))

Aaaand Cowboy Bebop, ladies and gentlemen, the amazing soundtrack of my all time favourite show

 I also love Tank!, Piano Black, Don't bother none and The Real Folk Blues of course. Check those out too on YouTube.

Cheers! ;)

luni, 2 ianuarie 2017

Black Mirror

This TV Series is sick!!! I'll finish the final 6 episodes from the third season today and up until now I needed a couple of minutes after each episode to properly process what have I just seen. Each and every episode has a story of its own and it is very unique but it keeps the main theme, that of what technology and social media can do to us and not only this. However, it's much more than this, it has awesome twists and I would describe it as a very, very cringy show and I don't want to give any spoilers so I politely invite you to watch. (I feel very formal today).  The White Bear was my favourite episode until now and you'll see soon why if you're gonna watch it. I had a lot of mixed feelings about this one. But I warn you though that this series should not be watched before you go to bed because trust me it's not that you'll have nightmares it's just that you'll have weird dreams or maybe you won't be able to sleep at all, it depends. :))

This song is in almost every episode but it catches very well the gloomy atmosphere of the show

Sherlock Holmes is also back with a new season, just in case you wanted to know. ;)