vineri, 24 februarie 2017

That Poppy

Talking with someone about life in general we started from the friends tv series and finished when it came about money of course. :D Because admit it or not money really makes the world go round. Either way, I discovered how much I enjoy a meaningful discussion with someone who actually thinks and has some knowledge up his or her sleeve. When I have a discussion with someone be it in any form, I like to take the other person with me in every subject and topic that ever exists :)) so he or she has to be able to keep up with me and to have some knowledge about pretty much everything if (s)he wants to keep me interested. If not, I'll lose interest very quickly, get bored and soon enough it's pretty much the end of discussion. Not my fault. :\ Believe it or not I'm like a sponge I assimilate information and knowledge each and every time I can, from pretty much everything around me and I store it somewhere in my mind so when I see a certain pattern I know it's something I've experienced before so I'll know exactly what to do or to say. That's why I can't live without knowledge I always need it and I have to feed myself with something new so I'll feel better with myself afterwards. Sounds very strange, I know, and I like to use fancy, pretentious words. I could easily manipulate or better said influence any kind of person if I want to but of course I have my insecurities and my flaws too. I like to say I learned from the best. :)

Reminded me of Lana and this song. Ok, I know it's really not related to everything I said earlier but you know me by now. I like to post random songs in my blog posts so get used to it. :-p
This one is my fav from her

Aaaand I really missed these guys. :)

Furthermore, I discovered this girl who looks kind of like me but besides the appearance I really like her style and personality and her music, of course. She seems to be also smart or so I think. Well at least her body is very similar to mine if not her face. I know, I first pay attention to the looks when it comes to meeting new people but so are you so let's just admit it. We're all pretty superficial. :-*

sâmbătă, 18 februarie 2017

E vina mea

Talking about how to completely transform a random, dull, popular pop song into a piece of art. 
So many feelings. I still can't believe it's the same song. O_O

Another painted face here :)

Walking in the mist
Alone in the deep silence
Can´t see any cairns
Gone are all the houses
I call out but no one answers
 In between the gaps
In the mist-clad night
I sense shadows
Seems as though something is moving there
I call out but no one answers me
 Friend, friend can you see me
 Walking here in the mist
 Have you wandered as i have
 In the silence deep as death
 Did you see the street lights
 Shining in the village
 Did you see what they did there
 Do you remember what the state of things were
 Was anyone looking for me
 Friend, friend can you see me
 Walking here in the mist
 Have you wandered as i have
 In the silence deep as death
 Have you as I have
 Walked in the mist
 Strayed from the beaten path
 Near the mountain edge
 Do you know this loneliness
 Friend, friend do you understand me
 Do you know any secret path
Have you wandered as I have in the endless uncertainty
 Friend, friend do you understand me
 Don´t you know any secret path
 Have you wandered as I have
 In the endless mist

Boyhood (Edited)

"Boyhood" is a great movie no matter what the critics say about it. I've seen it two times and liked it a lot. It's about childhood mostly, followed by the teen years until college. It could make a great case of study for a final year psychology student. :) I know I would use it. It exploits a lot of themes and phases from life and one can get very creative around its rich philosophy. Watch it if you haven't but be patient with it because it's a 3 hours movie so it's quite specific in everything, moving very slowly from a phase of life to the other so you can fully enjoy it without rushing anything, very similar to how life is in general. However, they should have continue it with a part 2 or something about his college years until adulthood because I was very curious to see what came of him in the end. :)

This and The Stanford Prison Experiment makes also a great case of study
I have to also read the book on this one.

Lovely weekend

So tireeeed, always on the run, be there and there and oh, be there too but hey I'm not complaining or anything because it's not like I don't like it this way. :-p Now I'm waiting for my best friend Ioana at the train station to come home from Bucharest, she's soooo late. I'm such a good friend, I know but either way when I'll be in Bucharest I'm sure I'll also need her to show me the city so we'll be even. That's what friends are for. ;)

I need a summer holiday, actually just summer it's fine because we're all tired of the very cold weather.
She'll like this video a lot :D

And this is the hit of 2017, Timmy, Timmy Turner


vineri, 17 februarie 2017

Vem vet

Today I very randomly remembered Lisa Ekdahl: a blast from the past :)

This one is way too slow for me so my favourite remains "Vem vet" but still she's quite charming either way. I know my music. ;)

miercuri, 8 februarie 2017


Later Edit: Not related with this post but worth mentioning about it is that I remembered how somebody told me once that the teachers are the most perverted with the dirtiest minds people you'll ever meet in your life and how right she was when she told me this. I keep thinking why maybe because we're creative or I really dunno why. :))

I'm so looking forward to the day when I'll come back to this blog again and laugh, laugh loudly like I did the first time when I came back to write after 5 years. I'm still learning to be patient and to have patience in general, my all time greatest enemy and I'm still such a dreamer and an idealist even if I was told that sometimes I surprise with a lot of pragmatism and other stuff too. Well, I usually like to surprise people what can I say. :D However, this time I'd like to say cheers only to the dreamers because they deserve it the most as they're the bravest. In a dream limits, good and bad don't exist so the world definitely needs more dreamers between all the boring minds. I'm also an ENFP-T personality type so this explains a lot of things. Click here for more details:

I always wanted to try doing this outside when I was little but later I realised that it's quite dangerous and I'm sure I wouldn't be standing on my feet for too long like this guy from the video if anybody bumped into me or me into somebody, so yeah, not worth it, but still I like the song. :)

And this song reminds me of childhood and especially of all the summer holidays I've spent in the countryside until I was 10 years old. I was born in the city, my whole life is in the city and I'll forever be a city girl, I'll always love the big cities because in one of those I see myself in the future but this doesn't mean that I can't appreciate the special charm only the countryside can have. ;)

sâmbătă, 4 februarie 2017


Today I really have no idea how many people were but I took some pics and because I was walking they're kind of blurry, unfortunately.
I'm short so I tried my best :))
I've later found out that there were also 2 political people at the protest and I've seen one of them including how some came to him to say hi. I don't think it's fair that these kind of political people come to protest, no matter the party they're in because the protests are with and for the honest people only and they shouldn't interfere in any way and I am certainly NOT happy with their presence. :\ I should also make myself a signpost for tomorrow. I like this one. :-P

See you tomorrow and on Monday too! Don't give up until the end!

vineri, 3 februarie 2017

Go outside! (Edited)

8000 people today in the streets but it looked like there were many more! That definitely broke the record in this city and gave class to other big cities too. I'll be with you guys tomorrow and on Sunday too as I was these last 3 days, it's very important on Sunday to be as many people as we can outside. Sunday and Monday are our last hope so go outside, don't hide cowardly in your houses where's warm and comfy go outside because this is serious and everbody should be serious about it.
In Galati:

Later Edit: I'm very sad because one of my best friends from childhood who lives right across the street and with whom I've spent so many days and nights when we were children thinks that we're manipulated to go outside in the streets and that it's all a conspiracy and that we should be happy with what we have. A good friend of mine tried to explain her the situation and I also wanted to try and make her read more stuff and inform herself better but nope, she's hopeless, her mindset is hopeless. And this is why I'll officially say that she's not my friend anymore after so many years. I've lost another one. I've lost so many friends and people last year that I've lost the count of them but I can't remain at nobody's level, I know it sounds very cocky and I know I'm not liked or understood by a lot of people but it's ok, I accepted this a long time ago and I've made new friends either way, people always come and go and I've accepted myself and the fact that I'm growing, my mindset and perspective on life changed these last years a lot and is still changing and I can't afford to go back or to not continue to grow and change in a better version just because others decided to stop and remain the same. I could never do that. Or even worse to be brainwashed by a few more money which by the way we'll never receive, it's just a bluff and even if they weren't how can you accept to be bought with money like animals and also it's so clear how much they steal from us and they'll continue to steal from us no matter what, I repeat, from us, the honest men and women who always worked hard for a pathetic salary so I'm asking you again: how can you trust these people with anything? Be it all alone, as long as I'm happy with myself and with what I'm doing or where I'm going it doesn't matter how it looks like on the surface or how bad it may seem to others because I've accepted myself, my decisions and the consequences and I'm glad that even my parents understood and I'm sure they'll always support me no matter what because this is what parents do.

Just remember that Bucharest is prepared for a couple of counter manifests on Sunday so we should also be prepared!
In all these posts with Edited I've never erased anything I've initially written, it's exactly the same text the difference it's just that I added a whole lot of text and you'll see from where I've written Later Edit or from where I bolded or coloured the text like I did right now with this one, and that's it, I never erase what I write in the first place because I'm never scared of the consequences of what I write and how they may be understood. ;)

miercuri, 1 februarie 2017

Good job people! (Edited)

Good job people. A lot of you came today to protest even though you knew that nothing will ever change. I was truly impressed to be honest, I didn't think there was so much open-mindedness about protesting in general in this city because it never happened before that so many people almost 4000, I think came to protest. No buses, no nothing after 8 so I had to go back home from work with some of you guys. I'm really impressed, good job Galati! In other big cities, except Bucharest of course where there's everybody :)) there weren't so many people so hats off to us. Doing this when knowing that nothing will ever change is quite something to be honest.
Some hotels in Bucharest offer even free accommodation these days for people living outside the capital and who want to go there and protest, that's really something that never happened before. Some of the employers let their employees leave earlier just to protest. Thumbs up for that. And many brought even food with them because many of us were after work so quite hungry. Good job!

About the last post, I had many contradictory feelings about violence yesterday because I knew that it's no good as families with children are also protesting but to be honest this is how I felt yesterday that it will bring no change if we don't break something because yes we may go outside 20k-40k people but they'll still not feel intimidated by us and everything will come back to normal after a couple of days, a week max. like after Colectiv and that's so, so sad. And this is what will actually happen, unfortunately. :| Ok, I know I said a couple of times that nothing will ever change like an ignorant prick I was but this time give me the benefit of doubt because I definitely changed my mind and let me tell you this: that even if I haven't changed my mind and continue to say that nothing will ever change I'd still go to protest no matter what because I knew from the start that this is the right thing to do and trust me, or not :)) that I also had my lot of dissatisfactions or displeasures call them like you want for years with the way many things work in general in this country so of course I'll protest, I'll always do no matter what. I'm not the ignorant prick who stays at home and hides from everybody or even worse who critise the ones who protests when he doesn't even try to do something, I'm the ignorant prick who always tries and will always try to do something about stuff in general no matter what he said in the beginning. Glad I've made that clear. ;) Oh and I remembered even about the few very good doctors Romania has and how one of them died because he worked 24 hours or something, don't know exactly the number of hours, without stoping because he was the only one in his shift, no other doctor with him when he clearly needed help when he tried to save as many people as he could during Colectiv until he eventually died of exhaustion and the students who just finished medical school complain they don't have jobs, this is so ironic. Of course problems are everywhere, I don't think there's a job in this country without any problems.

Protest violent not peacefully you bunch of lazy, scared pussies!

For the first time, I regret not being in Bucharest last night. More info in this article and in the last blog post I edited last night.
A few at the beginning but many, many more, 10k aprox. in the end.
An article:
In my city it was something like this, just a bunch of pussies who don't even know why they're there and even more stupid, some of them think it's completely ok to let them do exactly what they want with us because our average salaries were risen yesterday like we can be bought with money like animals. It's ok to let corrupts became completely clean over night behind close doors, by a law voted last evening by the Government, hey it's ok why should we bother? The stupidity in my city is greater than the average stupidity in the whole country, this is how it always was.
I'm just disgusted by everything and feel like we really deserve our lives if we're that stupid as a nation. 
Oh, you're scared you'll be called hooligans, you're scared of the consequences of being seen by someone or losing something? Then that's why we deserve our pathetic lives because we're pathetic!